Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Well again God has answered prayers. The pain in Lisa's shoulder was a screw that had popped from her original surgery. They will need to talk to the surgeon about what they are going to do about it, but they are so thankful that it wasn't showing cancer back again. They do not see anything positive on her skull, so they will be doing another scan in a few months so they can keep an eye on it. So overall it was very good news.
Anxious times....If you recall, they saw some spots on Lisa's skull and arm when they did the full body scan last week. Her arm has been bothering her for a week or two and they are all worried about what the spots are. Lisa is having some tests done right now to see if it is cancer that has returned to her arm and brain. They are doing a different type of scan that picks up cancer and they will meet with the doctor at 9:30 for the results. They so want them to be clean. Pls pray.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Well they did get to talk to the doctor but still feel a little in the dark as to what is going on. The doctors that read the scans have said that they want to talk to the surgeon that did her original arm surgery. They think they see something in Lisa's arm and in her skull, but they will know tomorrow.
Lisa's reaction is that she wants to fight this. After they find out a little more tomorrow they all will have a meeting next week to determine the "plan".
Today Lisa will be having a full body scan to see if they can find cancer in any other parts of her body. They were very surprised to find that the cancer had moved to her head between her skull and her brain. They have not done a full scan before because they just haven't seen this in other patience. Her first scan will be at 9 this morning and then she will have 2 more. The next one will start at 10:30 and the other at noon. At 2:00pm they will have a meeting with the doctors to find out the results.
They are asking for prayer as Lisa is very nervous. Also pray that they will not find cancer in any other parts of her body.