Monday, October 31, 2011

Taken from Lisa's facebook....

I forgot to update u. Monday I went up to see the doctor and start chemo. But the doctor said because I had a reaction to this chemo and had to be hospitalized for it that I should not do this chemo anymore. So no chemo :) we will do a scan at the end of November and hopefully it's clear so 1)... I don't have to go to Houston and 2)... I can start living life like a normal teenager! Thank u for the prayers much appreciated God bless

Saturday, October 22, 2011

written by Lisa on facebook...

Home from the hospital earlier today! They still don't fully know what the swelling of my legs and fever was about. So we will go back on Monday to see if I'll be able to get my last Chemo or not. Thanks for the prayers God bless

Friday, October 21, 2011

copied from facebook...

Doctors are waiting another night to see how Lisa continues to respond and get better. The swelling in the one leg is down significantly, and the swelling in the other has been progressing (but not at the same rate). They will re-access her in the morning to see what additional progress has been made, and maybe begin the chat about when she can come home!

The "dream team" (as they call them) will also make a decision about the chemo treatments Lisa has coming up whether to continue to one she has been on (and reacted to so severely this time) or to change it prior to her next set of scans later in November.

Lisa and her family are in good spirits and continuing to trust God to sustain them again, has He has so evidently all through this journey. We'll keep you posted... Thanks for continuing to pray that Lisa's condition improves and returns to normal...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


They have done alot of tests on Lisa tonight. They have done a heart and lung test and thankfully her lungs are clear of fluid and her heart looks good. Around midnight they will take some other tests on her organs and they will be checking for blood clots.
Lisa had a fever as high as 103.3 but it has gone down to about 101. That is good and shows that her body is hard at work to heal. They know that alot of people prayed and they are so thankful for that.
Well, feeling good didn't last long. Lisa has a fever and the swelling in her legs has gotten worse. It is a reaction to the chemo. the Doctors wanted to see her so they headed up to the hospital. Hopefully they will be able to get these symptoms under control, but she will probably have to spend some time up there. They would appreciate your prayers, as always.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yesterday Lisa had another session of chem. I just saw her and she is doing well, she usually doesn't get sick until a few days after the chemo. She is having a little problem with swelling in her feet. They said it is a side affect of the chemo so they put her on a water pill that makes her "shed" alot of the water she is retaining. Hopefully that will help!