Friday, April 27, 2012

This week has been full of ups and downs. Last Friday the Harder's found out that the insurance company would not pay for Lisa to have a chance to try an experimental chemo. This was devastating news as it was the only treatment that the doctors could come up with. The doctors told them that they would put their heads together and see what they could so. It ended up that on thur. they got a call from the doctors and were told that both doctors spent over an hour on the phone with the insur. company and talked them into covering the cost of the chemo. What a relief and answer to prayer! they are having a little issue with the chemo company. Lisa is waiting to see if they will accept her. She has been feeling weak and her legs have been giving out. She has actually fallen a couple times this week. The Chemo company is concerned about how weak she is and the swelling she has in her brain from the radiation. On monday they want Lisa to come up to the hospital and have a physical. They will determine by mid week what they will do. So pray for Lisa and the doctors and the chemo makers. We all know prayer changes things.
A blog from Lisa:

We have had good news even in the bad circumstances these last couple days.. We are staying positive even though it is hard and ultimately letting God hold everything in his hands and taking and remembering to take one day at a time. At this point my brain has a lot of swelling and thats why i get pain and pressure in my head, neck, and back areas because of bending pulling straining. so i have to be very careful what i do and not do too much or get up too fast. Relaxing is key haha again i have an amazing family doctor who is our angel and he's talking with doctors up in portland. Thank u so much for continued prayers for our family and friends! God Bless

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a message from Gail:

Good news, no new growth in the tumor. Lisa has lots of fluid building up so she is back on steroids to help with pressure. The surgeon thinks the swelling will go down with steroids, so no surgery. We will start chemo next Monday or Wed. Doc will let us know this afternoon. We are so thanful for the good news and all of the prayers.
Lisa has really not been feeling well. Her headaches have been getting more frequent and she feels weak. They took her in for a MRI yesterday afternoon and are going to meet with the doctors this morning to see what the results are. Gail requests that you pray for peace for Lisa.
(and of course the family too).

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

new post from Lisa on facebook

Had a great day went to church,spent time with the family and it was a beautiful day I am getting better and better thanks to my family dr in Salem. Thank u for prayers I really needed them and now I am back on the right track. Scans on April 18th is next thank u God Bless