Thursday, February 26, 2009

It is well....

Lisa finished this round of chemo and only "got sick " once. She has been awake and eating some but food doesn't really sound that good when you are nauseated. The doctors say it looks like the mass on her shoulder is shrinking some, that is really good news. During the next few days Lisa's body will be trying to rid itself of all the chemo "poison" that was pumped into her. The key to whether or not she can come home depends on how much chemo is left in her system. I guess her friend, Randy, was not able to come home last week because his levels were still too high. They tell them to get up and walk around and to eat to help the shedding process along. It really helps that Lisa has not been so sick and is able to do some of that.

We are glad, Lisa, that things are going good again this time. Hope to see you in a few days!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We knew Lisa was "First class" but this is over the top!

We don't know if it was because they heard about Lisa's card playing skills... but Lisa has been invited to go to Vegas, ALL FIRST CLASS! Well I am sure that Lisa is a fierce Go Fish player, but I really doubt that is what got her invited on this Vegas extravaganza! (I think it was her smile!)
Here's the scoop... 4 kids were chosen by the nurses and doctors to go to Vegas April 5th - 10th. They will fly first class, ride in a Hummer Limo, be escorted to several top rated shows and stay in a first class hotel on the strip! There is absolutely no cost to the kids. It is sponsored by Sunshine Kids, Las Vegas Getaway. The actor that plays in the TV show The Closer pays for kids to take this trip. It is only for cancer patients with the kind of cancer that Lisa has. Those patients are near and dear to his heart. So Lisa will head for Vegas soon. No parents allowed! (But who's to say Gordan and Gail can't just take a road trip and end up in Vegas, coincidentally!)

So Lisa, you better hone up on your card playing skills some more, and I hear you have a good start on that. Tonight about 7:30 Lisa will start Chemo. She has already rounded up a group of kids to start some card games at about 7:00. Her Chemo is hooked on a pole and she is mobile with it, so they will play until it really starts to hit her and she feels like resting. You go girl!

I don't have alot on info, but I do know that Lisa was admitted to the hospital to start this part of the chemo. I guess that means that either she was feeling better, or they do the chemo whether you are sick or not. I will keep you posted as I hear more info.

The following is a message written by Gail on Tue. Feb.24th.
I am so sorry that I did not let everyone know that Lisa was able to come home yesterday. A few hours after she got home she start spiking a fever and had a bad stomach ache. The fever reached 100.7 and has stablized at 100.3 I have been up all night because her temp. has to be checked every hour, if it reaches 101 then she has to be at the hosptial within an hour.
The Doctor seems to think that she some how got the stomach flu LUCKY LISA !!!
Today(Tue) she is still at 100.3 and was able to have chicken noodle soup.
The Doctor also said that she would be able to enter the hospital tomorrow for round 3 of chemo so we are still on track . (2nd part of this long session)
Gordon will be going again to help me with Lisa so maybe I will get some sleep up at the hospital .
Please pray that God will break this fever and we both can finally get some rest .
Thank you for all of your wonderful responses
Many Blessings to you all.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's not all fun and games, but there have been a few!

We had hoped Lisa would be able to come home today, but her blood count was off a little and they would not release her. The whole process starts over on Wed. so they are hoping to be able to spend a day at home before they begin the chemo again.

It sounds like Lisa has been able to make the most of her time at Deornbecher. She was the instigator of a rip roaring game of Go Fish. 5 kids got together in an area outsides of their rooms and played cards. Many of the parents were able to congregate around them and talk about their kids and what they have been going through. It was a great connection for the parents and many of them were touched because they had not seen their kids laugh in quiet a while. Those are priceless moments.

It has been so nice that Lisa has felt good these last few days after her chemo. It has allowed Gail and Lisa to have some good times. In the laundry room I hear that Gail and Lisa put on a private concert (just for themselves) and sang songs from Lisa's I pod.
Again, thank you for all your prayers, it helps more than you can know.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

so good so far

First of all I want to tell you .... As can easily happen with all the info. that gets thrown at you we misunderstood the sched. of chemo for this session. Lisa will be up at Doernbecher for 4 days at a time, but the chemo is only administered to her for 4 hours the first day. It is such a strong dose of chemo that they spend the next 3 days giving her lots of fluids to wash her system out and to monitor how her body is reacting to the extreme chemo. So with that said...Lisa started chemo about 8:30 last night. She spent 3 hours getting very sick. Gail was so thankful that Gordon was there to help her with Lisa. The nurses were great, but the burden that a mom and dad carry is heavy. They were gearing up for a long 4 days but a little while after the the chemo was finished Lisa settled into her old "sleeping beauty" way and slept most of the day. About 5 I talked with Gail and Lisa for a few minutes and Lisa was enjoying a action packed episode of Sponge Bob on TV for a little while. So again they are very thankful that Lisa has not continued to be sick and is resting well.

Next door to them, Randy the senior from West high, was admitted to start his session of chemo tonight about 7:30. Lisa and Randy had a few minutes to chat and support each other. It is always nice to connect to someone who is going through what you are going through.

If all goes well Lisa will be home on Sun. afternoon. Thanks for your prayers.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2nd round, ready or not here we come!

Lisa, Gail and Gordon headed up to Doernbecher this afternoon to check Lisa in for the next session of chemo. Everything checked fine as far as Lisa's blood counts and the Dr's gave the green light to start chemo at 8:00 tonight. This is the session that goes for 4 days, 2 days off..... 4 days, 2 off, 4 days. As we have mentioned in earlier blogs, the effects of this intensive chemo can be very harsh. Lisa did so well last time, we just ask that you pray for her to tolerate this session with the same strength and peace.

We are all thinking and praying for you, Lisa. Thanks to Gordan's work for giving him the gift of spending the night with Lisa and Gail tonight at the hospital. Thanks to Gail's work; for all you have done for her. So many fund raisers and gifts. Mary and Karen at Epic Aviation made a snugly quilt that people can write on. Thanks to all the family and so many close friends; I know you over whelm the Harders with your generosity. What an awesome gift.


This beautiful limited edition print titled "13th at Illahe" was donated by the artist Barb Narkaus for us to raffle off. Barb and her husband Steve own Elsinore Gallery and Framing and are involved in many good causes. Tickets will be $5.00 each with all the funds going to Lisa. I am in the process of printing up flyers and will try and get them out to everyone that wants to help advertise the cause! We will have the drawing at a yet to be determined date in April. Please call us at 503-364-9441 or email us at: for more information, raffle tickets, flyers, etc... All help will be accepted as I think we can raise an awesome amount for Lisa!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You’re invited……
to participate in a fundraiser for Lisa Harder

Who: Lisa’s family & friends

What: Dance Fundraiser @ Walker Middle School

When: Friday, April 3rd 6-8:30pm (dance 6:30-8)

Where: Walker Middle School (Main Gymnasium)

*All guests MUST be Walker Middle School students or adult chaperones.
Thank you for your cooperation.

· Minimum of 25 chaperones
· Set-up group (arrive 5:45)
· Raffle prizes (donated)
· Sign makers

100% of the proceeds will directly support Lisa Harder.
Thank you for all your continuous love, support and prayers for Lisa.

Friends & family, please respond by Monday, February 23rd, 2009
Jamie Bennett: OR
Jessie Doneth:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This was Lisa's cute bob before her brothers played beauty parlor. They look a little too excited!

Going, going, gone! Dusty and Kyle return the favor to Lisa!

Bye Bye hair!

In the few days since I have updated this Lisa had gone from long hair, to short hair, to NO hair! The side effect of losing her hair was kicking in and Lisa was losing her's in chuncks. They took her to a salon and had her hair cut into a cute bob, but today Lisa decided that she didn't want to watch her hair come out in clumps and just wanted to get it over with. So... She called her brothers, who's heads she had shaved a few weeks ago, and told them to take their turn on her. They came right over and returned the favor! And I must say, Lisa has a beautifully shaped head, not that Dusty and Kyle don't!

Lisa, thankfully, has not picked up a cold or any of the crud that has been going around. She needs to stay healthy to be able to start the next session of chemo on Wed. The other boy, Randy, that they met from West High was not able to have his chemo last week because he had gotten sick, so it is very important that we keep being careful to not come over if we or members of your family are sick, and to call before coming over.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


After all the blood tests were finished the doctors told Lisa that her white blood cell counts were low but the red cell count it good. So what this means to Lisa is:

Her immunities are down and she is even more susceptible to getting sick...So please do not visit if you or someone in your family is sick. A cold or a fever is an annoyance to us, but to Lisa it can be life threatening.

Lisa wears down easily and needs to rest frequently during the day.....So even though we all mean well it would probably be a good idea to call before stopping by just in case it is not a good time.

While at the hospital today Lisa was fitted for a wig! She picked a color similar to her hair color now and it will be about shoulder length. She has noticed that she is losing quite a bit of hair lately. It is still not too noticeable when you look at her, but it is getting alot thinner Lisa says. I believe that the hair loss will be accelerated with the next session of chemo. so it will be good to have it ready when the time comes!


Grandma Willis loving on Lisa at Deornbecher during her first round of chemo. We know Grandma Harder wishes she could be there too, but she is fighting cancer too and is in the middles of her own chemotherapy.

Lisa at home, hanging out with friends and family.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Blood tests

Tomorrow, Wed., Lisa will undergo more tests on her blood. We are really hoping and expecting that everything will be normal because Lisa has been feeling really good the last few days and the tests were normal last week. If that is the case Lisa will come home for 1 more week before her 2nd round of chemo. Starting next Wed. she will be on a sched. of 4 days of chemo, 2 days home. I believe she will have 3 sets of that because Gail referred to this upcoming session as 3 weeks straight of chemo. Even though they say that Lisa will be home for 2 days between each 4 day session, the intensity of this round of chemo is expected to really be hard on her. The 2 days off the meds will not seem like much of a break and if she is having too hard of a time the doctors may decide to just keep her in the hospital. But that is all NEXT week.....

We will focus on this week. The Pietros Pizza fundraiser went amazingly well and they presented the Harders with a check for just a little over $600.00. On top of that the oil company where Gail works matched what Pietros gave! Lisa got lots of birthday well wishes throughout the week that made her feel very loved. She got to spend time figuring out her new I Touch and is getting quite techno savey on her new lap top that her grandparent gave her. I saw lots of smiles from Lisa when she talked with her friends and she even got to squirrel around in the little bit of snow we had today,with her dad! They are so thankful for the good days!


Job well done!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Yep, today Lisa turned 14 years old! Most of the "partying" for Lisa's birthday occurred a week or two ago. First she had a surprise party at Connor's house. Gail and Sheri invited several of Lisa's friends, some relatives and a few neighbors over for a surprise party. Connor got Lisa involved in a game of Monopoly (Lisa was winning) and when we sent him the signal on a text message, he talked her into coming over for a minute, only to find a room full of people shouting "Surprise!"
Mrs. Hughes, her teacher from Walker, also planned a party for Lisa in her class room. Gail and Lisa stopped by the school to"talk about school work" and instead celebrated her Birthday! Way more fun than school work.
As if two parties are not enough,(oh who can have too many parties!) a 3rd surprise party was planned for the family at cousin Jesse's house. I heard Lisa say she was suspicious this time but didn't let her parent know that she had figured it out. (that was nice of you Lisa). There was pizza and huge cupcakes but the best part of the party was that Lisa got to shave Dusty and Kyle's heads! Dusty went first, and that was quick (sorry Dusty) and after much coercing Kyle sat on the stool. Everyone was watching intently because I am not sure if anyone really knew what Kyle looked like under all that hair. But he was a good sport and after about 20 minutes of the clippers catching and pulling Kyle's hair he had a perfect "velvet" head! Way to support your sister guys! There were no other takers that night. Maybe later!

So, with all the festivities behind her, today was more of a laid back birthday. She was feeling pretty good and spent time learning how to use her new birthday present, an I pod Touch.
Last Thur. night the event at Pietro's was amazing. So many people came to support Lisa and her family. They were overwhelmed with your kindness and want to thank the owners of Pietros for doing that for them.
Yesterday the Harders met with another family from West Salem who have a son with the same cancer as Lisa. He is a senior at West and has the cancer in his ankle. He is one week ahead of Lisa in his treatment so the two families had alot to talk about. Lets remember Randy in our prayers too.
Lisa has spent alot of time resting and has some good and not so good moments. We knew this would not be easy, but I have not seen a braver girl when it comes to handling the situation that has been dealt to her. Chemo might kill alot of stuff inside her, but it can't touch her sweet spirit and pretty smile. God is with you Lisa.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Doctors Orders....

Lisa did have her blood work done today and thankfully everything came back OK. She is, however, feeling some of the predicted side effects of the chemo. She has been nauseous and feeling very tired. The doctor examined Lisa and gave her orders to rest more. This is hard for Lisa and all those who care so much about her, but she has DOCTORS ORDERS.... No visitors for a few days and to rest more. We all the best for Lisa, so for the next few days let's just lift her up in prayer and let her rest. Thanks


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Amazing things!

Lisa returned home on Sun., as hoped. Her body handled the chemotherapy so well which made it easier on her and her parents. Of course Lisa is tired, but she has been able to visit with the people that have stopped by. Her appetite is starting to pick up some; she managed to eat crackers, jello and some popcorn. Connor came running home last night and wanted to know if we had steak because Lisa thought that sounded good. He did get some and BBQed it for her, but I am not sure how much she actually ate.
On Wed. the 4th and Wed. the 11th Lisa will take a trip back to Deornbecher to have her blood tested. This is not just a simple blood test. For Lisa, this will be an all day procedure. They will run a multitude of test checking for so many things that we cannot even understand. What we do know is this, if they get unfavorable results from these tests Lisa will have to stay at Deornbecher until they feel like they have gotten her blood to a place they feel comfortable with. So, the prayer for Lisa would be that her blood is reacting the way the doctors hope it will.
Now for some amazing news! For the first time since Sept. Lisa is having NO PAIN in her shoulder. We don’t exactly know why, but we are praising God for that blessing!
I also wanted to mention, for the family, that so many people are doing so many amazing things to help, support and love the Harder family. The Harders live on several acres that back up to a subdivision. The people who live directly behind them (way across the field) have attached a large sign to their back deck that spells the word “HOPE” in lights. As soon as it gets dark “HOPE” shines across the field and into the Harder’s living room. What an awesome reminder!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eat pizza, help lisa!

Pizza night for Lisa Harder Cancer Fund
Thursday, February 5th at Pietros Pizza 1637 Hawthorne Ave NE, from 4:00-9:00. This is a fundraiser night for Lisa. 20% of all pizza sales, miniature golf and laser tag will go towards Lisa's cancer fund BUT you have to fill out the sign up form at the front counter so Pietros knows to apply your sale to the fundraiser.
For those of you who cant make it and would like to make a donation, an account has been established at West Coast Bank in Lisa's name. You may make a donation at any West Coast Bank.