Sunday, May 27, 2012

The long memorial Day weekend has been nice because alot of family from out of town have had the chance to come visit. The Harders has a BBQ yesterday and Lisa was able to sit, all wrapped up in blankets, in her wheel chair for a least a couple hours. We ate, talked, and even sang a few songs at Lisa's request!

Thank you to all the people who have contacted me about meals and other ways to help. As of right now we have meals lined up for a three weeks. I don't want to schedule out any farther than that, but will probably do more in a week or two. People have been so generous and they are so thankful.
They know so many of you are praying faithfully for the family and Lisa and have been for the whole 3 years. These last few weeks have been very hard and have been a roller coaster of emotions. It is so nice to know that so many people are supporting them. Lisa has touched more lives that they will ever know.

The Harders are not asking for this...but I just want to let you know (and some of you have asked)... There is an account open at West Coast Bank where donations can be made in Lisa's name. Just go into a branch and say you want to make a donation for Lisa harder.( There is a branch in West Salem by Roths.)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Private Concert

Not alot has changed with Lisa. She has her good times and bad times. Hospice has been out several times to check on Lisa and they just helped figure out what kind of pain meds Lisa should be on because apparently she has been in quite a bit of pain.

But tonight she had a special treat! Logan Martin, one of Lisa's favorite singers, along with his friend Dan came to Lisa's bedside and sang several of her favorite songs. She enjoyed it by singing along to some songs and closing her eyes to others. We all got to share the treat with her by standing around her bed. What a blessing...Thank you for doing that for Lisa.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I have been thinking....

It would really be helpful if we could set up some meals for the Harders. They have had a few brought over, but nothing is officially set up. With so many people dropping by there is no time or room or energy to cook.

If you would be willing to help in that area pls send me an email at

Other suggestions: Bottled water, other drinks, snack food, cookies, fruit, toilet paper (lots of people over!) paper products and plastic silverware, food gift cards so they can just run and get something if needed, things that can be frozen, etc.
Once I get some names I will set up a chart.

Thanks, Sherie Stombaugh

Lot of love

Not alot has changed in the last couple days. Hospice did come over and assessed Lisa and their home so that they would be prepared to help the Harders in the best way that they could. They moved out Lisa's bed and brought in a hospital bed so that they could raise and lower Lisa's head with out having to put 5 pillows under her head. They took care of a few other issues and are just a phone call away if needed.

Lisa has had a constant stream of friends and family visiting her. Sometimes she is aware and interacts with her eyes and small hand movements and other times she just lowers her eyes and kind of checks out. They brought the horses over yesterday, and as the horses stood (and pooped) by the front door they wheeled Lisa out in a wheelchair to see them. They really could not tell what Lisa was thinking. She seemed a little confused, but I bet she was just sad. These horses have been her buddies for many years and Lisa got alot of joy of riding them and brushing them. Many times I would look out my front window and see Lisa walking the horses from down the street to her house to eat the good green grass in her field.

There have been some very tender moments between Lisa and her brothers. The big brothers who like tease have been by her side with loving words and also gentle teasing, and I could tell Lisa liked. Must have brought back old memories! Her old buddy Connor has been able to coax alot of activity out of Lisa too. They spent alot of time reminiscing about the things they used to do around the acres. He would tell a story and ask" remember that?" and Lisa would nod that she did remember. All 3 of these guys have given Lisa several foot rubs....that is a sweet sight to see this gentle side of all of them.

They really are not sure what the next week or 2 will hold. They are praying that Lisa will not be in pain. We know that she is dealing with some, but does not want to take medication. If you are able to stop by and see Lisa that would be nice. If you would like to send her a message you can send it to my e-mail and I will print it off her them

Thanks, Sherie

Monday, May 21, 2012


Things have not really improved for Lisa. Infact it has really gotten worse. Today they called Hospice to come in and help them set up some things so that Lisa will be more comfortable. She now has a hospital bed so they an elevate her head and they put in a catheter so they don't have to carry her to the bathroom any more.

It has been really hard to see Lisa take such a turn so fast. So many friends and family have been over to visit and see Lisa. Lisa is not able to talk to them, but alot of the time she knows who is there to see her. They think that this turn happened after radiation when her brain swelled up so much. Her brain shifted in her head and as the swelling lessened it seemed that the brain was damaged from that shifting. At first they thought it was the medication, and that might have been part of it, but now they can see that it was more than the meds.

Tomorrow her neighbor Larry will bring down Lisa's favorite horse Rio, and they plan to take her outside if they can so that Lisa can see her. I think I saw a little spark in Lisa eye when they told her that. She has several pictures of Rio around her room.

The Harders are dealing with the fact that Lisa will not be long on this earth. I believe Lisa is ready to see Jesus. She has fought so hard for her life and she didn't waste a minute of it. She was eager to tell others to be positive and to love Jesus. We will never know how many lives she has touched in her short years. Pray for them all as they make plans and spend every precious moment with Lisa.

Friday, May 18, 2012

On Wednesday when Lisa went to the hospital to start her 2nd round of chemo things went a little differently than expected. Lisa was not feeling well and had not been herself for several days. She has been on a very heavy dose of steroids to prevent brain swelling and the side effects of the drug make her feel crazy. When I saw her on Mothers Day she mostly stared ahead but then fixated on something and was not rational about it. The family did manage to go out to dinner, but Lisa was not able to relax or eat much. The next day she was much better and they felt like they had "Lisa back", but it didn't last long. So when they went to the hospital Wednesday she was back in her daze and weak. This is when something happened that I have not seen in Lisa before...She refused chemo and said she was done. This chemo that she was taking is an experimental chemo and when you miss a scheduled chemo there is no going back and making it up. You are out of the program. So they signed the release papers and headed home. Lisa was very tired and wanted to give up. There were tears from all in the car as they headed home.
Their doctor in Salem will be their main contact now and he is telling Lisa to keep fighting. They believe the steroids have alot to do with her state of mind, and they are weaning her off them, but they are also not sure if it is a combination of her other drugs to they are trying to get her off most of them to see if there is a change.
Wednesday to today (Fri) Lisa has mostly laid in bed, eating very little and mostly in a daze. There have been, however, a couple very emotional physical reactions that Lisa has had today. She must be having some sort of hallucinations during these times and she is not sure if the people she loves the most are really who they say they are and she tries to escape or hurt herself. This is so scary and draining on everyone.
Gordan and Gail are getting sleep deprived because even though Lisa is in a daze alot, she sleeps very little and they don't know weather she will have a hallucination. They know they need to keep up their sleep so that they can care for Lisa, so they are working on getting some kind of schedule so at least someone is with Lisa and someone sleeps.

Today the principal from West High and some others came to visit Lisa and awarded her with her high school diploma. School has meant so much to Lisa, and any time she was able to go to class she was there. Her last report card she had straight A's. It is possible to graduate early after your Jr. year and Lisa earned that at West High.

They are no quite sure why Lisa all of a sudden has taken this turn. We are hoping it is the meds messing with her head, because the tumor in her brain has not grown, in fact it shrunk a little. So they are a little surprised.

So many of you have been faithful to pray for Lisa and the family. They have felt the peace that God has given them, but if Lisa continues to decline they will need extra support. I know many of you will want to help where you can. I will check with the family and see if anyone has organized any additional support item and let you know if and where help is needed.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Update: Lisa and her family are on the way home!! The MRI showed some improvement from the last scan with swelling going down!! Yeah!! Between that and Lisa beginning to come off her steroids she should continue to feel better and have fewer side effects. Next round of chemo is still on for tomorrow at 1:30!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thanks for taking a moment to pray for Lisa and her family. They're at OHSU awaiting some tests to be done. We aren't sure yet if they'll be admitting her or not. When we saw Lisa today she continues to ask for prayer for healing, hope & positivity, rest and sleep... Thanks for praying that for her...

Tomorrow Lisa will start round 2 of this new chemo. The chemo has not been giving her any problems, but the steroids that she is taking to keep the swelling down in her brain is really bothering her. Beside the side effect of a puffy face, it is making her really zone out. She has fallen a couple of times and is in a daze alot. She forgets how to do everyday tasks and is very emotional. They are trying to ween her off of them but can not do it very quickly.
I believe that after this round of chemo they will do some more testing to see how things are going.

They had a nice Mother's Day, got to get the whole family together for dinner out and a good time visiting.
Hope you all had a good Mother's day too!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lisa and her family got the call this morning that she's got final approval to begin her chemo treatment!! Yeah!!! We're waiting on final details about when treatment will begin, but being through this season of waiting is a gift!! Thanks for continuing to pray for Lisa's healing...for wisdom for the doctors...for strength and hope for Lisa & her family.

Thank you for being such an encouragment to Lisa and the Harders. They are truly grateful for your prayers and support.

I just ran into Lisa and Gail at the grocery store...they got the call that chemo will start tomorrow at 1:30. Seems odd to be so happy about chemo but right now that is Lisa hope to healing! Whoot!