Monday, February 28, 2011

Yeah!!! Lisa is home from this round of treatment!! She came home yesterday and was grateful again for not throwing up at all during this round!! She woke up smiling and is meeting now with her tutor (who comes at 7:30 am!!). Pray that her blood pressure stays strong and she maintains energy. While super happy she is weak today... Lord, be and give her strength today!! We love ya Lisa!!

(from facebook)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

They Chemo has been going pretty well. Lisa has not been particularly sick, just tired. She is having a few problems with low blood pressure so they are watching that closely. They hope that they will return home on Sunday. I hope so too.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lisa is starting her 3rd night of chemo tonight. Gail said that things are going pretty good, she hasn't felt too sick yet. But they are a little concerned about her kidneys. They are watching her closely to make sure that they are not getting damaged.
They had a beautiful view of the snow from their room, over the last 2 days. A view is nice, but I bet Lisa would rather be out throwing snowballs! We wish that for you too!

See you at home soon.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

round 3

Today Lisa will start her third round of chemo. The doctors were encouraged by how the chemo had affected the tumors, so the plan is to go 3 more rounds. After that they will take another scan and some more tests to determine what the plan will be.

Pray, pray, pray.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Their nerves were raw and their stomachs were churning. They waited for Dr. "Doom and gloom" to enter the room to give them the news. Well Dr. Doom and gloom must have decided he didn't like his nick name so he came in the room with a smile. His smile alleviated some of the fears, but as he told them that there had been no new growth of the tumors and he thought a few of them were smaller they could finally let out the breath they had been holding for so long. This means that they will continue with chemo, it is doing its job and the tumors are reacting to it.

Who would ever think it was good news to start chemo....but it is good news. God has heard their (and your) prayers.

Lisa will start chemo again on Tue.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time will tell....

Tomorrow Lisa will going in for a body scan that will tell them how well this chemo has done it's job. They will be checking to see if the cancer that is in her lungs has grown or started dying. Lisa has finished 2 full rounds of the strongest chemo that they can give her. They gave her the choice to even try this type of chemo and Lisa absolutely wanted to go for it, she is such a fighter! I am amazed at the faith and positive attitude she has, but we all have to remember that even the strongest of us can be scared and worry about what is ahead of us. Tomorrow is a pivotal point for Lisa. The doctors will determine what future treatments, if any, she will have from what they find tomorrow.
They are asking that you pray for sleep tonight and for nerves tomorrow as they await the results of the test. I don't know how a mother and father can go through this, but God has shown Himself to the Harder's again and again and He will be as good tomorrow as he always has been and always will be.
We are praying for healing Lisa.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Below is a blurb that I copied off of facebook....

Lisa has some more energy tonight. She's still can't leave the room & very limited # of people get in. She got blood today & that always makes a big difference for her. So 1) if you can give blood, please do! There are countless people that need it! What a great practical way to help! And 2) continue to pray - when asked tonight what she wanted us to pray for she said 'that I'm healthy.' we love ya Lisa!

Lisa is still struggling with a fever and low blood pressure. Because her white blood cell count is so low, or zero, she is susceptible to just about any virus and or illness that she comes in contact with. They are running some tests and and watching her vitals and trying to get her health enough to come back home.

She has challenged Connor to a mean game of "Sorry" she must be getting some of her spunk back! Your on Lisa....

Friday, February 11, 2011

About 4 Lisa headed back up to Doernbecher because she was running a high fever. The doctors will run several tests and try to keep her fever under control. It is always so discouraging to have to go back to the hospital, and Lisa was pretty bummed. This is pretty common for someone getting this type of chemo, but that doesn't make it easier.
They are hoping that they will only have to stay up there for a day or two. Please pray for Lisa gain strength and her body to heal.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lisa is doing pretty well... She had her blood level checked today and right on schedule her white blood count is 0. So she continues to be unable to be around others. She feels tired and still queasy some but ok. Continue to pray she gains strength and energy, that she stays 'germ-free.' Love ya Lisa! We are all here for you and your family...

this is from a post on facebook.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

16 + 1 day

A quiet morning in her PJ's was how Lisa spent the morning of her 16th birthday! Sounds fabulous to me! But later she got "prettied up" and went out for pizza with the family!

She was all smiles as she came back to her seat to find a Trial Blazer Banner, signed by the whole team, on her seat! Her grandpa had bought it at the auction at West Salem's basketball game and saved it to give it to her for her birthday! (If you didn't know already...she loves Rudy!) She also received a few other very special gifts from her family.

Today her mom said she is still smiling....but feeling weak and tired. She will go up to the hospital later in the week to check all her counts and to see how she is doing. But for now, she is so happy to be home!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

sweet 16...home sweet home...lots of sweets

The title of the post pretty much sums up Lisa's day today.
Lisa was discharged from the hospital around 11:00 today. What Lisa didn't know was that a big group of her family and close friends were waiting next door to her house to help her celebrate her 16th birthday! (which is actually tomorrow). I think we pulled off the surprise until she approached her house and saw about 20 cars! But anyway we had a fun time eating cake and watching Lisa open cards and presents.
Lisa looked cute in her Toby Mac hat, she had lots of smiles, but she said she was tired and ready for a nap when the party was over.

Glad your back home Lisa.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tonight is the last night of this round of chemo for Lisa. The doctors almost would not let Lisa have the last dose because her blood pressure had dropped too low. They were on the fence all afternoon, but finally decided that her body could handle it. This chemo's effects build in her body as the week goes on. The doctors told the family that it would "mess with her mind", and although they have been happy that they have not had to deal with that yet, they are starting to see some signs of that starting to happen. So please pray that Lisa's blood pressure will stay stable, that she will be able to stay still and get some peaceful sleep and that the side effects of this chemo will me minimal.
We know that Lisa is in good hands up at the hospital, and we are all so thankful for the doctors and nurses and love and take such good care of her. Thanks you.
Hang in there Lisa. You are braver than I can imagine and you have grown so dear to me and so many others over these last years! (and by the are almost 16!)

See you at home soon!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Dose 4 of chemo is underway. Lisa was not tied down today either. The Social Director, as she is called on the floor, continued to visit. That being said she's more tired & feeling a bit queasy. Praying tonight for rest, that she's not nauseous, for refreshed strength... And for His evident presence in her room. We love ya girl - it's night 4 of 5. You're almost done with this round!

This was a post from facebook. Lisa seems to be handling this chemo well so far. They are giving her some drugs to make sure that her kidneys and liver are not damaged from the drugs. This drug makes her very sleepy and also makes her face swell. But Lisa has kept her amazing attitude. She is accepting this treatment with HOPE because she says she she actually feels better that she did a month ago. Lisa can feel God's Love.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lisa is about to start round 3! She had another good day today capped off with a PRIME RIB dinner with her family in the main hospital dining hall. she ate well!! Amazing our Lisa!! So for tonight - we pray for another night of surprising rest and peace. We pray you will not be nauseous. We pray for healing. And we trust Him to meet you and your family's needs and hearts in unexpected ways.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The chemo started a little late last night...9:30 instead of 8, but thats ok, it gave a little time for a card game. Its amazing how you can appreciate the little things in life when you are up there. Lisa met another 15 yr old girl last night and they enjoyed getting to know each other.
The first night of the chemo didn't make Lisa too sick. She just struggled with being nauseous. That is when she want to lay still and be quiet so it doesn't go past that feeling.

Today she did manage to go to the schoolhouse and work on some homework. Anything to get out of the room! She also got to play bingo a 1:00. Hope you won!

The 2nd night of chemo will start again at 9:30. As each night of chemo builds in her system and she will feel the affects of it more.

I believe that after this week of chemo they will do another scan to see how it is working and then determine their course of action from there. So pray that this powerful chemo will do its job and our powerful God will heal!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

round 2 @ 8 pm

Lisa's a little nervous....round 2 of this horrible strong chemo starts tonight about 8. They said to expect this round to be harder on her that the first round, so you can understand why Lisa is nervous.

Lisa we are all keeping you in our thoughts and prayers as you go through these next 5 days, that the nasty chemo will do its job and get rid of the even nastier cancer!