Friday, February 4, 2011

Dose 4 of chemo is underway. Lisa was not tied down today either. The Social Director, as she is called on the floor, continued to visit. That being said she's more tired & feeling a bit queasy. Praying tonight for rest, that she's not nauseous, for refreshed strength... And for His evident presence in her room. We love ya girl - it's night 4 of 5. You're almost done with this round!

This was a post from facebook. Lisa seems to be handling this chemo well so far. They are giving her some drugs to make sure that her kidneys and liver are not damaged from the drugs. This drug makes her very sleepy and also makes her face swell. But Lisa has kept her amazing attitude. She is accepting this treatment with HOPE because she says she she actually feels better that she did a month ago. Lisa can feel God's Love.

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