Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cancer Free

Today was the day! Today they got the results from all the test to see if they could find any cancer left in Lisa's body. Today God showed his answer to all the prayers. Today Lisa is cancer free. Today is a good day!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lisa is still home but is very weak and tired. They did take a trip back up to the hospital a few days ago to check her blood counts. They were still very low for the 8th day straight. With counts that low she is not able to fight off sickness, so they do not want her to go anywhere until she see the doctor again on the 28th. Hopefully her body is gaining strength and now that she is not getting more chemo she can get to a point where she can feel good all the time! Prayers are still being said for you Lisa. Get well!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lisa is home now. She is still weak and her counts are low, but the doctors agreed that she would probable recover better at home at this point. Good to have you home Lisa!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lisa is still having a hard time. She has been given blood and platelets but her blood count is still down and she is feeling really sick. Her head really hurts and she is feeling pretty down. They have ruled out the swine flu, which is good, but they still have to stay at the hospital until they can get this under control. Please pray that this will be over soon and that Lisa can come home to recover.


Friday, October 16, 2009

They have run several tests on Lisa to see what affects the chemo is having on her body. This afternoon her fever finally came down and her pain got controlled with morphine. Gail said that she was talking up a storm now, but they have to stay put until the results come back. At least she is comfortable. Hope to have you home soon , Lisa.

Lisa had to go back to Doernbecher last night. She was having a bad bloody nose and they were waiting to see the doctor the last I heard. They requested prayer.

The doctors had warned them that Lisa would be hit hard around Thur. so hopefully she can stay strong and get past this point quickly.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Lisa is home now after her last session of chemo. It was a pretty hard week for her. She is feeling very weak and the doctors tell them that her blood counts should drop by Thur. so they are really hoping and praying that they will not have to return to the hospital because of a fever or infection. Lisa has a doctor appt. on Fri. already scheduled so it would be nice to be able to stay home until then.

Gail said that she actually saw a smile appear on Lisa's face today. That smile has been hiding for a few weeks but we hope to see much more of it in the days to come!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Starting the beginning of the end!

Well here we go! I think this is the first blog written about the last time Lisa has to go through something! (and if you understood that you are doing good)
The surgeries are behind her and now Lisa has started her LAST session of Chemo! Lets give a big Whoot Whoot for that.

The doctors were not even sure that Lisa was going to be able to start up with chemo quite yet because of the fluid that had settled in her lung, but when Lisa saw the doctor today he told her it was a go. She will be given a different type of chemo for this last session. It is a much stronger chemo that is often given to people whose cancer spread to the lungs. This chemo takes 5 days to be administered, as opposed to the one day that the others have been. The doctor told them that Lisa will probably get very sick from this drug, but he wanted to give her this one because after removing the cancer spot from her lung there could be little cells that broke off and could be floating around. This chemo is designed to attack them very hard. Lisa was a little scared to start this session because of how sick the doctor told her she could be, but the thought of this being the last made it alot easier to accept.

Lisa will be able to have visitors, but with the threat of the flu so strong now they are really monitoring guests. Noone under 14 is allowed and noone with a fever or any type of sickness is allowed.

It has been a long journey and Lisa has been through more than most of us will ever face in our whole lives. She has shown us what a strong and positive woman she is, and her faith in God has been a blessing to us all. There have been so many prayer said for you Lisa and I am sure so many more will be said as you start the healing and strengthening phase of your life. It will be exciting to see you go to high school and reconnect with your friends. Keep all that in your thoughts as you go through these next few days. There is an end in sight. Yeah!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Without going into a long story we are home . Lisa has fluid and air in her lung and can not start chemo until they are both gone .These past four days has been very hard on her so we are glad we have a break. God is good ! We have had a couple of let's say " mess ups " from the Doctors and it has been very hard on Lisa . The fluid in her lung is very dangerous if she starts chemo so we need to wait. We had two opitions from the Doctors : Have another surgery and put another chest tube back in OR wait for this to dissolve on its own which can take several weeks.... well guess what one we picked???? We know that this is another set back but as Lisa said this morning God is good and in his time I will have my last two chemo treatments and I am going to make the best of it.