Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Starting the beginning of the end!

Well here we go! I think this is the first blog written about the last time Lisa has to go through something! (and if you understood that you are doing good)
The surgeries are behind her and now Lisa has started her LAST session of Chemo! Lets give a big Whoot Whoot for that.

The doctors were not even sure that Lisa was going to be able to start up with chemo quite yet because of the fluid that had settled in her lung, but when Lisa saw the doctor today he told her it was a go. She will be given a different type of chemo for this last session. It is a much stronger chemo that is often given to people whose cancer spread to the lungs. This chemo takes 5 days to be administered, as opposed to the one day that the others have been. The doctor told them that Lisa will probably get very sick from this drug, but he wanted to give her this one because after removing the cancer spot from her lung there could be little cells that broke off and could be floating around. This chemo is designed to attack them very hard. Lisa was a little scared to start this session because of how sick the doctor told her she could be, but the thought of this being the last made it alot easier to accept.

Lisa will be able to have visitors, but with the threat of the flu so strong now they are really monitoring guests. Noone under 14 is allowed and noone with a fever or any type of sickness is allowed.

It has been a long journey and Lisa has been through more than most of us will ever face in our whole lives. She has shown us what a strong and positive woman she is, and her faith in God has been a blessing to us all. There have been so many prayer said for you Lisa and I am sure so many more will be said as you start the healing and strengthening phase of your life. It will be exciting to see you go to high school and reconnect with your friends. Keep all that in your thoughts as you go through these next few days. There is an end in sight. Yeah!


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  1. Lisa honey, we are just ecstatic for you that this very difficult journey is almost over for you! You have endured so much & have done so with such strength and dignity, and we're very proud of you...We're praying that you may breeze through this final chemo, and defy the odds with no negative side affects. Our love and prayers are with you. God Bless

    Grandpa George and Family