Tuesday, November 13, 2012

From facebook....

if you knew Lisa (or have known her through the media and this page) you know she was someone who cared for others - in simple yet meaningful ways. "Just smile - it won't cost you a thing." She would pay for someone's coffee behind her (or have her parents do it); she would purchase meals or gift cards for homeless people she would see; she would always ask if she could pray for you or what she could do... 

And so, at Lisa's Celebration Service last week the family encouraged everyone to "Pay It Forward...in Memory of Lisa" - water bottles were distributed with Lisa's name and life verse (Isaiah 40:31) on it...along with the words Pay It Forward. 

At her service, as you've probably heard, the family started Pay It Forward by crowning Emily Henderson as the new homecoming queen for West Salem High School.

Have you paid it forward today?? Would you - in memory of Lisa???

Share your stories here... the family would love to hear them!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We have had a number of requests about where to send cards and notes of encouragement to Lisa's family... Please send them to:

The Harder Family 
c/o Salem Alliance Church
555 Gaines Street NE
Salem, OR 97301
The days following Lisa's passing have been filled with tears, laughter and family. Lisa would have loved this....I wish she could have been here to enjoy all the get togethers! Anytime Lisa got to choose something to do it always involved the family getting together.

On Tuesday the family gathered for a private burial. Her brothers had picked a beautiful soft pink casket with roses on it because Lisa loved pink. While family gathered to say good bye one more time to Lisa they were given a sharpie to draw or write a message to her on the casket. It was especially cute as the little ones drew a picture for Lisa and they were beside them self getting to write on the "furniture!" From there we walked up the hill for a service and sprinkling of pink rose petals on her casket. These were hard but very precious moments saying good bye to sweet Lisa.

The family wants to thank the congregation at Court Street Christian church for putting on a very nice meal for them after the service. It gave everyone a time to just sit around and catch up. Gordan and Gail also took a moment to stand up and talk about Lisa's journey and thank some of the people who walked it with her.

Tomorrow is a public service to celebrate Lisa's life, at Salem Alliance Church, at 3:00. The pouring out of support has been overwhelming. Emily Henderson, from West high made up some T shirts with an amazing picture of Lisa kissing her favorite horse on the nose. If you are able to attend you will see many people wearing these shirts. So many people have helped, but tomorrow the service will be exactly what Lisa wanted. As it became apparent that the cancer was going to take her life, Lisa along with her parents chose the songs and the speakers and many other details that will take place. You will see the heart of Lisa harder. Let's celebrate that heart and take some of it with us to "pay it forward"

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lisa Harder was an amazing young woman who wanted more than anything to spread her message of staying positive and trusting the Lord, and that is what she did until her last day on earth.
On a beautiful Sunday morning, November 4th,  2012, Lisa Harder left this world and entered Heaven. She received a new body that was cancer free and will never again feel pain or sadness.
Lisa was a country girl. She grew up playing outside with her 2 brothers and friend Connor, trying her hardest to keep up with them. She rode motorcycles and quads, jumped on the trampoline and shot BB guns, but her favorite thing to do outside was to take care of her many animals and spend time with the neighbors horse Rio.

Lisa touched the hearts of all who knew her thought out her journey with cancer. Her smile and sweet spirit amazed those who took care of her in the hospital, and her determination to fight to beat her cancer baffled the professionals. That determination and positive attitude shined through so much that Lisa was asked several times to speak to the staff and student body at West Salem high school, where she was a Senior this year. Although the cancer caused Lisa to miss much school, she was still very much a part of the class of 2013.  Her classmates showed how much they loved and cared for her by voting her Homecoming Queen last month. Lisa was able to attend the game and be crowned Queen as the TV cameras caught it all!

Lisa is survived by her parents Gordon and Gail Harder and her 2 brothers, Dusty and Kyle. Also, Sister- laws Darci and Audre and very special to Lisa’s heart ,her nephew Cade. Grandparents are Jerry and Neveda Willis and Verdie Harder.

A celebration of Lisa’s life will be held Thursday, November 8th at 3:00 at Salem Alliance Church.
Lisa went to be with the Lord today at 10:02am. We are spending time with the family and I will write a little more later, but I wanted to let you know.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

There was really no change in Lisa over night. This morning when Pastor Ben was over reading the scriptures to Lisa it was apparent that she still knew what was happening around her. She had slight eye and head movement as he explained how much God loves her and how he is waiting for her with excitement just waiting to say "Well done Lisa Harder".

She has not had any water for a couple days now and the nurse said this morning her heart was pumping a little faster, which is an indicator that it is having to work harder to keep her alive.

I'll let you know if there are any changes.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Still sleeping beauty

 I remember a blog post I wrote about 3 years ago titled "sleeping beauty" for Lisa, when she would just sleep so hard after chemo. That was so long ago. So much has changed and the Harders have gone through so much. It seems that probably sometime today or tomorrow Lisa will pass from this hard world to Heaven. She is sleeping and her beauty shines even brighter now.

A couple days ago Lisa lost her sight. The pressure and swelling had gotten so great that it affected the optical nerve.  The doctors confirmed it because her eyes did not track any light, and she told Gail that she could not see her. This morning hospice came over and said that it would be a good idea to gather family. Lisa's breathing was changing some and her skin was taking on a gray hue. Of course we don't know the hour, but the family is preparing for it to be soon. They have let Lisa know that they have released her and she is free to let go and stop fighting to live.

They are asking that there be no visitors right now as the family spends precious time together, but they want to thank you all for you love and concern.

I will let you know right away when anything changes...until then we are just waiting on the Lords timing.