Friday, November 2, 2012

Still sleeping beauty

 I remember a blog post I wrote about 3 years ago titled "sleeping beauty" for Lisa, when she would just sleep so hard after chemo. That was so long ago. So much has changed and the Harders have gone through so much. It seems that probably sometime today or tomorrow Lisa will pass from this hard world to Heaven. She is sleeping and her beauty shines even brighter now.

A couple days ago Lisa lost her sight. The pressure and swelling had gotten so great that it affected the optical nerve.  The doctors confirmed it because her eyes did not track any light, and she told Gail that she could not see her. This morning hospice came over and said that it would be a good idea to gather family. Lisa's breathing was changing some and her skin was taking on a gray hue. Of course we don't know the hour, but the family is preparing for it to be soon. They have let Lisa know that they have released her and she is free to let go and stop fighting to live.

They are asking that there be no visitors right now as the family spends precious time together, but they want to thank you all for you love and concern.

I will let you know right away when anything changes...until then we are just waiting on the Lords timing.


  1. Thank you....God bless dear Lisa and her dear family..Love,Linda A

  2. We love you Lisa and our prayers are with you all as these final hours pass - knowing God has her in His hands, and in His time she will go with Him. She will have a fine standing in heaven. Dan & Terry

  3. In light of the last few failures...i mean games, sleeping beauty, as i often refer to him has been too preoccupuied with a personal game of grab *ss to make any decent saves. Boudreau-it is time to face the facts, Theo is just another pretty face.