Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The days following Lisa's passing have been filled with tears, laughter and family. Lisa would have loved this....I wish she could have been here to enjoy all the get togethers! Anytime Lisa got to choose something to do it always involved the family getting together.

On Tuesday the family gathered for a private burial. Her brothers had picked a beautiful soft pink casket with roses on it because Lisa loved pink. While family gathered to say good bye one more time to Lisa they were given a sharpie to draw or write a message to her on the casket. It was especially cute as the little ones drew a picture for Lisa and they were beside them self getting to write on the "furniture!" From there we walked up the hill for a service and sprinkling of pink rose petals on her casket. These were hard but very precious moments saying good bye to sweet Lisa.

The family wants to thank the congregation at Court Street Christian church for putting on a very nice meal for them after the service. It gave everyone a time to just sit around and catch up. Gordan and Gail also took a moment to stand up and talk about Lisa's journey and thank some of the people who walked it with her.

Tomorrow is a public service to celebrate Lisa's life, at Salem Alliance Church, at 3:00. The pouring out of support has been overwhelming. Emily Henderson, from West high made up some T shirts with an amazing picture of Lisa kissing her favorite horse on the nose. If you are able to attend you will see many people wearing these shirts. So many people have helped, but tomorrow the service will be exactly what Lisa wanted. As it became apparent that the cancer was going to take her life, Lisa along with her parents chose the songs and the speakers and many other details that will take place. You will see the heart of Lisa harder. Let's celebrate that heart and take some of it with us to "pay it forward"

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  1. Thank you so much for writing this....Love and prayers,Linda A