Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lisa is doing well. When she got home she started to have a little problem controlling the pain. In the hospital they had the meds very regulated and could give them through an IV, but at home it is a little harder to stay on top of it.

Lisa will start chemo pretty soon. It is a different type of chemo, one used specifically for her type of cancer. The nice thing is that they go to the hospital to get the chemo but then get to come right home. Lisa can be in her own bed...she is pretty tired of the hospital beds!

The doctors are very happy with how Lisa responded to the surgery! Thanks for all your prayers.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Yeah!!!! Our miracle girl is going home today!!!! Her hospital stay was expected to be 7-10 days!! Thanks for continuing to pray!!! Thank you Lord for gifts like going home today!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lisa standing, determined to get well.

Broken foot

Just before Gail's birthday party on Wed. Lisa rolled her foot. She wrapped it up and borrowed grandpa's cane and kept scurrying around preparing for the party. Well the doctors got a look at that foot and saw the discoloring and swelling and ordered a X-ray. Sure enough it was broken. Probably the metatarsal bone...(i know this because I did the same thing a few years ago). You would think that this would be a good time for Lisa to stay off her foot while she is in the hospital, but the problem in that the doctors want Lisa to get up and start moving so fluid does not settle in her lungs. They plan to fit her for a special boot so that she will be able to walk.
Pretty sure a broken foot isn't going to keep Lisa down!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lisa is doing so well after her surgery. She had a great night. She was able to sit up and the doctors want her to walk today. She is starting to feel some pain, but she says she "welcomes the pain" because she know this surgery has removed the cancer from her lungs.
They sent a picture of all the tumors that were removed right after the surgery. They were lined up next to a ruler and they measured 7 in. I could hardly believe it. Imagine having that in your lung.

Lisa is smiling and so relieved to have this behind her. Thank you so much for all your prayers.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

She is out of surgery

At 11:15 I received a text from Gail saying Lisa is out of surgery. She said that they removed all 5 tumors, but were not able to take any area around the tumors. The scraped the lung and took some bone when they removed the tumor. I am not really sure where the bone might have come from,but that is what she said in the text. I am sure all of the information will be sorted out soon. When I talk to the family I will try to get more details, but for now this is what I know.
They have been warned that the next 3 days will be hard. They will work hard to control her pain, but It will still be hard for Lisa.
They are just glad she came through the surgery and that the tumors have been removed.
They want to thank you all for your prayers.

in surgery

Last night Lisa threw a surprise birthday party for her mom (Gail's birthday is tomorrow). Even on the eve of this huge surgery Lisa was thinking of other people over herself. She knew Fri. would be a tough day for all so she wanted to make sure her mom had a party before the surgery.

Today, at the crack of dawn, about 20 close friends and family arrived at Deornbecher to be with Lisa and her mom and dad while they wait through Lisa's surgery. Her surgery was scheduled at 7:30. I got a text from Gail at 8:15 that said she was now in surgery. So for the next 3 hours pray for that team of doctors. Wisdom, skill, steady hands.....

As I said before they will be working on the tumor near her aorta. If they can get that one they will continue on to her lung. Pray that Lisa's body will be strong and be able to handle the surgery well.

All are very anxious. Lisa keeps a happy face, but she was very scared going into this. The Dr.'s have explained how dangerous and painful this will be.

As I hear news today I will update...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Here's the scoop

The Harders are up in Portland today at the Hospital talking to the Dr.'s about the detail of Lisa's surgery on the 21st. It was hard details to listen to and has stirred up alot of anxiety in them.
Lisa will have to spend 7 to 10 days in the hospital recovering from the surgery which will start at 7:30 am on Thur. It is scheduled to take at least 3 hours. They plan on burning her lung after they remove the cancerous tumors. This is something they have not done on the previous procedures. Lisa has a tumor near her aorta and they will work on that one first. That is the most dangerous tumor. If they feel they are unable to remove that tumor they will not continue with the procedure and close her up. So as you can understand this whole thing is making them very nervous. Please pray for Lisa and her family. Thanks.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Surgery date

They have been given a date for Lisa's lung surgery. It will be July 21st. They know this will be a very extensive difficult surgery for Lisa, but they are not sure yet to the extent that they will be removing sections of her lung. As the Harders get more info. I will update this blog.

Lisa is trying to have some fun this summer vacation before she has to have this surgery, so they were able to spend a few days in Seattle just hanging out and having fun! So glad you got to do that.

Friday, July 1, 2011

I wanted to let you know about the results of the scans. I have not gotten all of the information, but what I do know is that the doctors think that Lisa qualifies for a lung surgery. The chemo must have kept the tumors from growing enough that they are willing to try surgery. Gail said that it is a very hard surgery with a hard recovery, I am not sure exactly what they surgery entails, but I know they were talking about removing part of the lung. Even though this will be hard on Lisa, I think they are thankful for "options" and are willing to keep fighting. Lisa is a strong young lady with an amazing attitude and a strong faith in God. Again the family thanks you for all they prayers and support you have given them.