Thursday, July 21, 2011

in surgery

Last night Lisa threw a surprise birthday party for her mom (Gail's birthday is tomorrow). Even on the eve of this huge surgery Lisa was thinking of other people over herself. She knew Fri. would be a tough day for all so she wanted to make sure her mom had a party before the surgery.

Today, at the crack of dawn, about 20 close friends and family arrived at Deornbecher to be with Lisa and her mom and dad while they wait through Lisa's surgery. Her surgery was scheduled at 7:30. I got a text from Gail at 8:15 that said she was now in surgery. So for the next 3 hours pray for that team of doctors. Wisdom, skill, steady hands.....

As I said before they will be working on the tumor near her aorta. If they can get that one they will continue on to her lung. Pray that Lisa's body will be strong and be able to handle the surgery well.

All are very anxious. Lisa keeps a happy face, but she was very scared going into this. The Dr.'s have explained how dangerous and painful this will be.

As I hear news today I will update...

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