Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Here's the scoop

The Harders are up in Portland today at the Hospital talking to the Dr.'s about the detail of Lisa's surgery on the 21st. It was hard details to listen to and has stirred up alot of anxiety in them.
Lisa will have to spend 7 to 10 days in the hospital recovering from the surgery which will start at 7:30 am on Thur. It is scheduled to take at least 3 hours. They plan on burning her lung after they remove the cancerous tumors. This is something they have not done on the previous procedures. Lisa has a tumor near her aorta and they will work on that one first. That is the most dangerous tumor. If they feel they are unable to remove that tumor they will not continue with the procedure and close her up. So as you can understand this whole thing is making them very nervous. Please pray for Lisa and her family. Thanks.

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