Saturday, June 30, 2012

campin in the back yard!

If you can't go camping then bring the camping to you!

Lisa's doctor asked Lisa what she would like to do and she answered "go camping!' Well the doc wasn't thrilled about okaying that so what's a girl to do???? make the most of it and camp in the back yard! Yesterday the Harder's and friends has a big BBQ in the backyard. There was food, fire, singing and even some fireworks! But best of all a dusk they set up a tent and Lisa and her dad and cousin slept outside. Dusty even brought his camper into the back yard and slept in that next to the tent! I checked in with them after a cozy night of sleeping in my own comfy bed and they did indeed sleep outside the whole night! Way to go Lisa. That girl knows how to have fun!

Monday, June 25, 2012

As I wrote before Lisa has some good times and some very hard times. It is getting continually harder to keep her pain under control. When Hospice asked her the other day how her headache was, on a scale from 1 to 5, Lisa repsonded that it was a 5. They are really trying to do what they can to keep her comfortable so that she can sleep at night and be around friends and family during the day. Yesterday she was having a hard time keeping food down. But, though all this Lisa has still puts others first and been so strong. When she gets sick and Gail has to tend to her, Lisa's first reaction is to apploigize. Just a sample of her "sweet heart!"

Lisa, if you are reading this I know your mom would do anything in the world for are so loved.
It meant so much that you came over to Connor's grad party yesterday. I know you would have loved to stay, but thanks for stopping by and bringing the drawing of my dad.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Yesterday the Doctors decided to do another MRI on Lisa because they wanted to see how they could best help control her pain and side effects. Lisa is frustrated because she is getting so confused and has times that she is sort of just in a daze. She feels she has no control over this, but knows it is happening. As I mentioned before, she is also having seizures from time to time and the pain in her head is overwhelming at times. They found areas of swelling in her brain and now understand  how to help Lisa be more comfortable. As they deal with all these symptom they also have to deal with the fear that comes along with them and the unknown. Pls pray for peace and calmness for the whole family.

Monday, June 18, 2012

There have not been any significant changes in Lisa's health. She has some good days and some bad. The newest thing is that she is haveing some siezures. The first few really caught them off guard and were very frightening. Now it seems Lisa can tell if one is coming on and they give her some medication and they try to work through it. It seems that they are still having a hard time getting her pain completely under control. Hospice is working with them and they have changed her "cocktail" a few times to see what works for Lisa. Lisa does like to visit with people, but she can only enjoy it for a short time, so if you want to give them a call to make sure it is a good time, they would love to see you.

Thank you so much to those of you who have already helped with meal and other ways. It means more to the Harders than you can imaging. We have gone through the first schedule of meals and I would like to set up a few more weeks...So if you would like to do that shoot me an e-mail. and I will plug you into a spot.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lisa has had some serious ups and downs over the last couple days. The other day she almost seemed like her old self, but yesterday she really struggled. She had a couple seizures and it left her left hand and foot numb. Hospice came in today and worked with her. They upped her pain meds again hoping that she will get some well needed sleep. They have ordered her to strict bed rest with no visitors until Thursday when they get to meet with her again her again.
Lisa has been such a fighter and an example of strength and faith to people. I still see that in her and know that even though she is in so much pain she still wants to be around her family and friends and get the most out of life she can. You go girl!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

They seem to have Lisa's pain under control and she is a new girl! I stopped by for a bit yesterday and Lisa was interacting and smiling with us. Today she even went to get her toes painted. It is amazing what a little relief from pain can do.
Hospice asked Lisa if there was anything else they could do for her, and her main request was to get rid of the hospital bed and give her back her own bed! Well that was an easy request and now she will sleep a little better, we hope.
Lisa is able to have visitors again now that they have her feeling better again. Thanks for understanding.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I just need to add that they are requesting no visitor for about 3 days. They want Lisa to be still and have quiet to help get her pain under control.

Thanks so much.
Lisa has been in alot of pain today. She has stayed in bed and the pain meds have not really been enough to cut her headache. Hospice came in to see what they could do and they are trying a few things to see if she can get some relief. It is so hard to see her in pain. They would appreciate all your prayers.


Friday, June 1, 2012

I know alot of you are wondering how Lisa is doing....the answer is, we really are not sure. There has not really been alot of change this last week. Hospice is still coming in and helping the family with Lisa's care, but because she no longer goes to the doctor the family really is not sure what is happening medically. There will be no more treatments to they try to stay on top of her pain. Sometimes she has really bad headaches and other times she says she doesn't have any pain. She has been out of bed alot more now and sits on the couch and can watch some TV. She communicates, but sometimes random things are said. She needs someone with her at all times and is not herself. This has been going on for 2 weeks now, longer that some of the doctors thought it could. They are thankful for everyday they have with Lisa. Family has been close and helped out so much. Gail's sister came up from Calf. and will get to stay for a couple months, so that will be so helpful. Thank you so much to all of you who have helped the Harders in so many ways. They hope to someday thank you all personally.