Monday, June 18, 2012

There have not been any significant changes in Lisa's health. She has some good days and some bad. The newest thing is that she is haveing some siezures. The first few really caught them off guard and were very frightening. Now it seems Lisa can tell if one is coming on and they give her some medication and they try to work through it. It seems that they are still having a hard time getting her pain completely under control. Hospice is working with them and they have changed her "cocktail" a few times to see what works for Lisa. Lisa does like to visit with people, but she can only enjoy it for a short time, so if you want to give them a call to make sure it is a good time, they would love to see you.

Thank you so much to those of you who have already helped with meal and other ways. It means more to the Harders than you can imaging. We have gone through the first schedule of meals and I would like to set up a few more weeks...So if you would like to do that shoot me an e-mail. and I will plug you into a spot.


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