Saturday, June 30, 2012

campin in the back yard!

If you can't go camping then bring the camping to you!

Lisa's doctor asked Lisa what she would like to do and she answered "go camping!' Well the doc wasn't thrilled about okaying that so what's a girl to do???? make the most of it and camp in the back yard! Yesterday the Harder's and friends has a big BBQ in the backyard. There was food, fire, singing and even some fireworks! But best of all a dusk they set up a tent and Lisa and her dad and cousin slept outside. Dusty even brought his camper into the back yard and slept in that next to the tent! I checked in with them after a cozy night of sleeping in my own comfy bed and they did indeed sleep outside the whole night! Way to go Lisa. That girl knows how to have fun!

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