Saturday, May 28, 2011

The second fundraiser is the 4 th 2day pancake breakfast for me and frida. It's at apple bees out south on June 11 from 730am-10am the cost is 5 dollars. Let me know by messaging me on Facebook. Thank you God bless

from Lisa's facebook
Well I am back from sunny California and starting Chemo today. (the 25th) The trip was awesome and I want to go back haha. There are two fundraisers that are going to be happening the first is the Logan Martin concert my church is putting on that's June 5 but I don't know the cost or where it will be so stay tuned for more info.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dreams do come true!

It had been a dream of Lisa's to get her drivers licence, well I guess dreams do come true! Yesterday, after much studying and practice, Lisa, accompanied by Gail and Connor ventured out to the DMV on Lancaster. I asked her why she wasn't going to take her test in Dallas or some place smaller and quieter than Lancaster and she insisted that she knew Lancaster better and if she was going to get her licence she would need to be able to able to drive on Lancaster!
She said she was nervous at first, but things went really well so her nerves quieted down....and Lisa passed with a 100%! So she got her licence, that's all she wanted to do, just accomplish that. Gail said that now she couldn't care less about actually driving!

Dream #2... Lisa is headed right now to Disneyland! Last year Gail won a trip to Calf. through her work. So this morning the family, including grandparents and some siblings, headed south to see Mickey! Lisa had no idea about this until Monday when Gail's co-worker, dress in a Tinker Bell costume, announced it to Lisa! She was soooo excited! They will stay with Gail's sister and play at Disneyland!

Because Lisa has been off chemo for several weeks, she is feeling pretty good. Her back is starting to bother her more, and that is probably from one of the larger tumors pressing against it. She was not able to start chemo on sched. last time because her counts were so low, so they had to put it off until after this trip. It is not good to go so long in between chemo sessions, but the doctors felt is was so important that Lisa enjoy this trip to CA with her family they decided to wait. She will start chemo on the 25th.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Posts from Lisa's facebook.

For anyone that is interested I am telling my story Sunday May 15 at 930 and 11 o clock services at Court Street Christian Church! Hope to see ya there

Yesterday (Monday) I did a speech in front of the faculty at west because Ed John and Joann wanted me to do it because the teachers are getting a little down because of the layoffs and cuts for next year. So i said some encouraging words :)

i am very busy whith speeches with i love i have one tomorrow at kingwood infront of the older ladies youth group and will do one at Court street Christian on Sunday 930 and 11 o clock services. I am so thankful to be speaking more and tell my story and encourage those that need it I hope that Godf gives me more opportunitys because i love doing it :) Love you all Hope your having a great week God Bless

Friday, May 6, 2011

enough for now

Lisa had been scheduled to start chemo on Tue. but because her counts were so low they were not able to start. After alot of thinking about what they should do, the Dr's thought about starting chemo on Thur. but only do it for 3 days to keep Lisa on schedule. So up they went to the hospital on Thur. to see if she had made enough platelets. The Doctors said that Lisa's body is tired and getting worn out from so much chemo...and her body was not ready to even do the 3 days. So they sent Lisa home until the 25th to just enjoy some time off. While taking time off from chemo does not help the fight against the tumors in her lungs, it does give Lisa a reprieve and she is happy for that. So Lisa will enjoy mothers day at home enjoying her mother!

Happy mother's day Gail.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Lisa was going to start a new session on chemo on Mon. but they sent her home. They ended up giving her some platelets because her levels were too low. She was a little dissapointed, but taking off another week will be a nice break. She is spending the time visiting good friends and just hanging out at home!