Friday, May 6, 2011

enough for now

Lisa had been scheduled to start chemo on Tue. but because her counts were so low they were not able to start. After alot of thinking about what they should do, the Dr's thought about starting chemo on Thur. but only do it for 3 days to keep Lisa on schedule. So up they went to the hospital on Thur. to see if she had made enough platelets. The Doctors said that Lisa's body is tired and getting worn out from so much chemo...and her body was not ready to even do the 3 days. So they sent Lisa home until the 25th to just enjoy some time off. While taking time off from chemo does not help the fight against the tumors in her lungs, it does give Lisa a reprieve and she is happy for that. So Lisa will enjoy mothers day at home enjoying her mother!

Happy mother's day Gail.

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