Friday, May 13, 2011

Posts from Lisa's facebook.

For anyone that is interested I am telling my story Sunday May 15 at 930 and 11 o clock services at Court Street Christian Church! Hope to see ya there

Yesterday (Monday) I did a speech in front of the faculty at west because Ed John and Joann wanted me to do it because the teachers are getting a little down because of the layoffs and cuts for next year. So i said some encouraging words :)

i am very busy whith speeches with i love i have one tomorrow at kingwood infront of the older ladies youth group and will do one at Court street Christian on Sunday 930 and 11 o clock services. I am so thankful to be speaking more and tell my story and encourage those that need it I hope that Godf gives me more opportunitys because i love doing it :) Love you all Hope your having a great week God Bless

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