Thursday, July 21, 2011

She is out of surgery

At 11:15 I received a text from Gail saying Lisa is out of surgery. She said that they removed all 5 tumors, but were not able to take any area around the tumors. The scraped the lung and took some bone when they removed the tumor. I am not really sure where the bone might have come from,but that is what she said in the text. I am sure all of the information will be sorted out soon. When I talk to the family I will try to get more details, but for now this is what I know.
They have been warned that the next 3 days will be hard. They will work hard to control her pain, but It will still be hard for Lisa.
They are just glad she came through the surgery and that the tumors have been removed.
They want to thank you all for your prayers.

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