Friday, July 1, 2011

I wanted to let you know about the results of the scans. I have not gotten all of the information, but what I do know is that the doctors think that Lisa qualifies for a lung surgery. The chemo must have kept the tumors from growing enough that they are willing to try surgery. Gail said that it is a very hard surgery with a hard recovery, I am not sure exactly what they surgery entails, but I know they were talking about removing part of the lung. Even though this will be hard on Lisa, I think they are thankful for "options" and are willing to keep fighting. Lisa is a strong young lady with an amazing attitude and a strong faith in God. Again the family thanks you for all they prayers and support you have given them.


  1. Count on my prayers for you, I lost two younger sister who fought with all the strength that they could muster for more than 10 years of striving not surviving. So stay positive and live life.


  2. I just randomly came across your blog and I wanted to stop and say that I'm sending the best karma thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Keep fighting.

    The documentaries "Food Matters" and "The Gerson Miracle" changed my life. They are free on netflix and I strongly recommend them to you. They might change yours.

    You are in my prayers, stay strong and positive.