Tuesday, November 13, 2012

From facebook....

if you knew Lisa (or have known her through the media and this page) you know she was someone who cared for others - in simple yet meaningful ways. "Just smile - it won't cost you a thing." She would pay for someone's coffee behind her (or have her parents do it); she would purchase meals or gift cards for homeless people she would see; she would always ask if she could pray for you or what she could do... 

And so, at Lisa's Celebration Service last week the family encouraged everyone to "Pay It Forward...in Memory of Lisa" - water bottles were distributed with Lisa's name and life verse (Isaiah 40:31) on it...along with the words Pay It Forward. 

At her service, as you've probably heard, the family started Pay It Forward by crowning Emily Henderson as the new homecoming queen for West Salem High School.

Have you paid it forward today?? Would you - in memory of Lisa???

Share your stories here... the family would love to hear them!


  1. Thank you...what a wonderful way to honor sweet Lisa and the family......Will be looking for ways to do this..thank you so much..

  2. I just found this blog. Who was Lisa?

  3. Lisa was a beautiful young girl who battled cancer off and on since she was 12 or 13....All who knew her were amazed at her sweetness,joy,and desire to live life to the fullest no matter what. She loved Jesus and told others about Him. She was crowned Homecoming Queen at her high school and had stories in paper and on tv. She inspired us and continues to inspire ...at her life remembrance service she 'paid it forward' by 'passing her crown' along to her best girlfriend and admonished us all to pay it forward!!! When I think of Lisa I think of joy...joy that nothing,absolutely nothing was able to quench!

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