Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The chemo started a little late last night...9:30 instead of 8, but thats ok, it gave a little time for a card game. Its amazing how you can appreciate the little things in life when you are up there. Lisa met another 15 yr old girl last night and they enjoyed getting to know each other.
The first night of the chemo didn't make Lisa too sick. She just struggled with being nauseous. That is when she want to lay still and be quiet so it doesn't go past that feeling.

Today she did manage to go to the schoolhouse and work on some homework. Anything to get out of the room! She also got to play bingo a 1:00. Hope you won!

The 2nd night of chemo will start again at 9:30. As each night of chemo builds in her system and she will feel the affects of it more.

I believe that after this week of chemo they will do another scan to see how it is working and then determine their course of action from there. So pray that this powerful chemo will do its job and our powerful God will heal!

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  1. chemo is tough i got through mine last year iam now in remission