Tuesday, February 8, 2011

16 + 1 day

A quiet morning in her PJ's was how Lisa spent the morning of her 16th birthday! Sounds fabulous to me! But later she got "prettied up" and went out for pizza with the family!

She was all smiles as she came back to her seat to find a Trial Blazer Banner, signed by the whole team, on her seat! Her grandpa had bought it at the auction at West Salem's basketball game and saved it to give it to her for her birthday! (If you didn't know already...she loves Rudy!) She also received a few other very special gifts from her family.

Today her mom said she is still smiling....but feeling weak and tired. She will go up to the hospital later in the week to check all her counts and to see how she is doing. But for now, she is so happy to be home!

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