Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tonight is the last night of this round of chemo for Lisa. The doctors almost would not let Lisa have the last dose because her blood pressure had dropped too low. They were on the fence all afternoon, but finally decided that her body could handle it. This chemo's effects build in her body as the week goes on. The doctors told the family that it would "mess with her mind", and although they have been happy that they have not had to deal with that yet, they are starting to see some signs of that starting to happen. So please pray that Lisa's blood pressure will stay stable, that she will be able to stay still and get some peaceful sleep and that the side effects of this chemo will me minimal.
We know that Lisa is in good hands up at the hospital, and we are all so thankful for the doctors and nurses and love and take such good care of her. Thanks you.
Hang in there Lisa. You are braver than I can imagine and you have grown so dear to me and so many others over these last years! (and by the are almost 16!)

See you at home soon!


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