Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time will tell....

Tomorrow Lisa will going in for a body scan that will tell them how well this chemo has done it's job. They will be checking to see if the cancer that is in her lungs has grown or started dying. Lisa has finished 2 full rounds of the strongest chemo that they can give her. They gave her the choice to even try this type of chemo and Lisa absolutely wanted to go for it, she is such a fighter! I am amazed at the faith and positive attitude she has, but we all have to remember that even the strongest of us can be scared and worry about what is ahead of us. Tomorrow is a pivotal point for Lisa. The doctors will determine what future treatments, if any, she will have from what they find tomorrow.
They are asking that you pray for sleep tonight and for nerves tomorrow as they await the results of the test. I don't know how a mother and father can go through this, but God has shown Himself to the Harder's again and again and He will be as good tomorrow as he always has been and always will be.
We are praying for healing Lisa.


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