Sunday, February 13, 2011

Below is a blurb that I copied off of facebook....

Lisa has some more energy tonight. She's still can't leave the room & very limited # of people get in. She got blood today & that always makes a big difference for her. So 1) if you can give blood, please do! There are countless people that need it! What a great practical way to help! And 2) continue to pray - when asked tonight what she wanted us to pray for she said 'that I'm healthy.' we love ya Lisa!

Lisa is still struggling with a fever and low blood pressure. Because her white blood cell count is so low, or zero, she is susceptible to just about any virus and or illness that she comes in contact with. They are running some tests and and watching her vitals and trying to get her health enough to come back home.

She has challenged Connor to a mean game of "Sorry" she must be getting some of her spunk back! Your on Lisa....

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