Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lot of love

Not alot has changed in the last couple days. Hospice did come over and assessed Lisa and their home so that they would be prepared to help the Harders in the best way that they could. They moved out Lisa's bed and brought in a hospital bed so that they could raise and lower Lisa's head with out having to put 5 pillows under her head. They took care of a few other issues and are just a phone call away if needed.

Lisa has had a constant stream of friends and family visiting her. Sometimes she is aware and interacts with her eyes and small hand movements and other times she just lowers her eyes and kind of checks out. They brought the horses over yesterday, and as the horses stood (and pooped) by the front door they wheeled Lisa out in a wheelchair to see them. They really could not tell what Lisa was thinking. She seemed a little confused, but I bet she was just sad. These horses have been her buddies for many years and Lisa got alot of joy of riding them and brushing them. Many times I would look out my front window and see Lisa walking the horses from down the street to her house to eat the good green grass in her field.

There have been some very tender moments between Lisa and her brothers. The big brothers who like tease have been by her side with loving words and also gentle teasing, and I could tell Lisa liked. Must have brought back old memories! Her old buddy Connor has been able to coax alot of activity out of Lisa too. They spent alot of time reminiscing about the things they used to do around the acres. He would tell a story and ask" remember that?" and Lisa would nod that she did remember. All 3 of these guys have given Lisa several foot rubs....that is a sweet sight to see this gentle side of all of them.

They really are not sure what the next week or 2 will hold. They are praying that Lisa will not be in pain. We know that she is dealing with some, but does not want to take medication. If you are able to stop by and see Lisa that would be nice. If you would like to send her a message you can send it to my e-mail and I will print it off her them

Thanks, Sherie


  1. Thanks for the updates. Its so hard to be far away during this time, but I am glad you are keeping us out-of-staters in the loop. Thanks, mom.

  2. Sherie, you have done an outstanding job keeping us updated. I'm sure that many times (especially now) it's been very, very difficult for you. I am very grateful for your faithful dedication to this task, and I am blessed by how you have supported and loved Lisa and her family.

    I was there yesterday when they brought the horses to Lisa. That neighbor Larry has been so very generous with Rio and he's given Lisa the incredible gift of so many precious memories and great times with that horse. How can you ever thank someone enough for doing that for Lisa? I will never forget my and Lisa's horse camping trip last year with Rio and my horse Cairo. We rode like crazy (galloped on the trails and wandered through the woods) and we had a wonderful time. I will cherish those memories forever.

    I love you, Lisa.