Monday, May 21, 2012


Things have not really improved for Lisa. Infact it has really gotten worse. Today they called Hospice to come in and help them set up some things so that Lisa will be more comfortable. She now has a hospital bed so they an elevate her head and they put in a catheter so they don't have to carry her to the bathroom any more.

It has been really hard to see Lisa take such a turn so fast. So many friends and family have been over to visit and see Lisa. Lisa is not able to talk to them, but alot of the time she knows who is there to see her. They think that this turn happened after radiation when her brain swelled up so much. Her brain shifted in her head and as the swelling lessened it seemed that the brain was damaged from that shifting. At first they thought it was the medication, and that might have been part of it, but now they can see that it was more than the meds.

Tomorrow her neighbor Larry will bring down Lisa's favorite horse Rio, and they plan to take her outside if they can so that Lisa can see her. I think I saw a little spark in Lisa eye when they told her that. She has several pictures of Rio around her room.

The Harders are dealing with the fact that Lisa will not be long on this earth. I believe Lisa is ready to see Jesus. She has fought so hard for her life and she didn't waste a minute of it. She was eager to tell others to be positive and to love Jesus. We will never know how many lives she has touched in her short years. Pray for them all as they make plans and spend every precious moment with Lisa.


  1. Lisa, Over the past 3+ years you changed hundreds of lives by demonstrating how to perservere during the roughest of all circumstances. I am forever grateful that I was able to hear you speak to the freshmen in the auditorium last year. Your presentation changed how I think about life and what I am grateful for.
    Mrs. Snyder

  2. Lisa, Over the past 4+ years heaven has been sweeter to me every day when I think about Jared being there. Your own unique testimony of God's strength being your glue in otherwise unbearable circumstances has touched so many. All our days are in His hands and you have shown us how profoundly important it is to use them wisely. We are praying for you and your family still. Joyce Nagel