Wednesday, February 11, 2009


After all the blood tests were finished the doctors told Lisa that her white blood cell counts were low but the red cell count it good. So what this means to Lisa is:

Her immunities are down and she is even more susceptible to getting sick...So please do not visit if you or someone in your family is sick. A cold or a fever is an annoyance to us, but to Lisa it can be life threatening.

Lisa wears down easily and needs to rest frequently during the day.....So even though we all mean well it would probably be a good idea to call before stopping by just in case it is not a good time.

While at the hospital today Lisa was fitted for a wig! She picked a color similar to her hair color now and it will be about shoulder length. She has noticed that she is losing quite a bit of hair lately. It is still not too noticeable when you look at her, but it is getting alot thinner Lisa says. I believe that the hair loss will be accelerated with the next session of chemo. so it will be good to have it ready when the time comes!


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