Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's not all fun and games, but there have been a few!

We had hoped Lisa would be able to come home today, but her blood count was off a little and they would not release her. The whole process starts over on Wed. so they are hoping to be able to spend a day at home before they begin the chemo again.

It sounds like Lisa has been able to make the most of her time at Deornbecher. She was the instigator of a rip roaring game of Go Fish. 5 kids got together in an area outsides of their rooms and played cards. Many of the parents were able to congregate around them and talk about their kids and what they have been going through. It was a great connection for the parents and many of them were touched because they had not seen their kids laugh in quiet a while. Those are priceless moments.

It has been so nice that Lisa has felt good these last few days after her chemo. It has allowed Gail and Lisa to have some good times. In the laundry room I hear that Gail and Lisa put on a private concert (just for themselves) and sang songs from Lisa's I pod.
Again, thank you for all your prayers, it helps more than you can know.


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  1. Dear Lisa,
    We continue to pray for you here in Bend. You are a blessing to so many who are privileged to pray for you.
    Blessings Dear One,
    Mark and Carol Mintz
    (Cassie's Auntie and Uncle)