Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Amazing things!

Lisa returned home on Sun., as hoped. Her body handled the chemotherapy so well which made it easier on her and her parents. Of course Lisa is tired, but she has been able to visit with the people that have stopped by. Her appetite is starting to pick up some; she managed to eat crackers, jello and some popcorn. Connor came running home last night and wanted to know if we had steak because Lisa thought that sounded good. He did get some and BBQed it for her, but I am not sure how much she actually ate.
On Wed. the 4th and Wed. the 11th Lisa will take a trip back to Deornbecher to have her blood tested. This is not just a simple blood test. For Lisa, this will be an all day procedure. They will run a multitude of test checking for so many things that we cannot even understand. What we do know is this, if they get unfavorable results from these tests Lisa will have to stay at Deornbecher until they feel like they have gotten her blood to a place they feel comfortable with. So, the prayer for Lisa would be that her blood is reacting the way the doctors hope it will.
Now for some amazing news! For the first time since Sept. Lisa is having NO PAIN in her shoulder. We don’t exactly know why, but we are praising God for that blessing!
I also wanted to mention, for the family, that so many people are doing so many amazing things to help, support and love the Harder family. The Harders live on several acres that back up to a subdivision. The people who live directly behind them (way across the field) have attached a large sign to their back deck that spells the word “HOPE” in lights. As soon as it gets dark “HOPE” shines across the field and into the Harder’s living room. What an awesome reminder!


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I just read the last entry and got shivers and goosebumps along with tears. Prayer and faith are powerful things. I met your cousin Jessie today. Sounds like you have a great support system. Use them and feed off their energy. Hope to see you soon.

  2. I hear Connor made Lisa some great cookies I'm wondering if that was simply to gain an edge in the on going monopoly game...Maybe Lisa and Cassie can pull out a win tonight anyway!!!

  3. Lisa, Gordy & Gail:
    That is just TOO COOL! What a creative way to BLESS ALL of You!!!! Made me cry! We do have an "AWESOME" GOD!!! Lisa, you sure have a great buddy there named "Conner" and his really neat mom and family who love you a whole bunch! We are rooting for you and praying for you for tomorrow's blood tests. Grandma had her blood test today and she got a good report. She had only 1 1/2 bad days after her chemo., and today the nurses assured us that next time they could help us make the next session a whole lot easier. Thank you Lord!

    Hey, love and tickles! We're praying for you kiddo!!!!!