Thursday, February 26, 2009

It is well....

Lisa finished this round of chemo and only "got sick " once. She has been awake and eating some but food doesn't really sound that good when you are nauseated. The doctors say it looks like the mass on her shoulder is shrinking some, that is really good news. During the next few days Lisa's body will be trying to rid itself of all the chemo "poison" that was pumped into her. The key to whether or not she can come home depends on how much chemo is left in her system. I guess her friend, Randy, was not able to come home last week because his levels were still too high. They tell them to get up and walk around and to eat to help the shedding process along. It really helps that Lisa has not been so sick and is able to do some of that.

We are glad, Lisa, that things are going good again this time. Hope to see you in a few days!


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