Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We knew Lisa was "First class" but this is over the top!

We don't know if it was because they heard about Lisa's card playing skills... but Lisa has been invited to go to Vegas, ALL FIRST CLASS! Well I am sure that Lisa is a fierce Go Fish player, but I really doubt that is what got her invited on this Vegas extravaganza! (I think it was her smile!)
Here's the scoop... 4 kids were chosen by the nurses and doctors to go to Vegas April 5th - 10th. They will fly first class, ride in a Hummer Limo, be escorted to several top rated shows and stay in a first class hotel on the strip! There is absolutely no cost to the kids. It is sponsored by Sunshine Kids, Las Vegas Getaway. The actor that plays in the TV show The Closer pays for kids to take this trip. It is only for cancer patients with the kind of cancer that Lisa has. Those patients are near and dear to his heart. So Lisa will head for Vegas soon. No parents allowed! (But who's to say Gordan and Gail can't just take a road trip and end up in Vegas, coincidentally!)

So Lisa, you better hone up on your card playing skills some more, and I hear you have a good start on that. Tonight about 7:30 Lisa will start Chemo. She has already rounded up a group of kids to start some card games at about 7:00. Her Chemo is hooked on a pole and she is mobile with it, so they will play until it really starts to hit her and she feels like resting. You go girl!


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