Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The following is a message written by Gail on Tue. Feb.24th.
I am so sorry that I did not let everyone know that Lisa was able to come home yesterday. A few hours after she got home she start spiking a fever and had a bad stomach ache. The fever reached 100.7 and has stablized at 100.3 I have been up all night because her temp. has to be checked every hour, if it reaches 101 then she has to be at the hosptial within an hour.
The Doctor seems to think that she some how got the stomach flu LUCKY LISA !!!
Today(Tue) she is still at 100.3 and was able to have chicken noodle soup.
The Doctor also said that she would be able to enter the hospital tomorrow for round 3 of chemo so we are still on track . (2nd part of this long session)
Gordon will be going again to help me with Lisa so maybe I will get some sleep up at the hospital .
Please pray that God will break this fever and we both can finally get some rest .
Thank you for all of your wonderful responses
Many Blessings to you all.

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