Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Blood tests

Tomorrow, Wed., Lisa will undergo more tests on her blood. We are really hoping and expecting that everything will be normal because Lisa has been feeling really good the last few days and the tests were normal last week. If that is the case Lisa will come home for 1 more week before her 2nd round of chemo. Starting next Wed. she will be on a sched. of 4 days of chemo, 2 days home. I believe she will have 3 sets of that because Gail referred to this upcoming session as 3 weeks straight of chemo. Even though they say that Lisa will be home for 2 days between each 4 day session, the intensity of this round of chemo is expected to really be hard on her. The 2 days off the meds will not seem like much of a break and if she is having too hard of a time the doctors may decide to just keep her in the hospital. But that is all NEXT week.....

We will focus on this week. The Pietros Pizza fundraiser went amazingly well and they presented the Harders with a check for just a little over $600.00. On top of that the oil company where Gail works matched what Pietros gave! Lisa got lots of birthday well wishes throughout the week that made her feel very loved. She got to spend time figuring out her new I Touch and is getting quite techno savey on her new lap top that her grandparent gave her. I saw lots of smiles from Lisa when she talked with her friends and she even got to squirrel around in the little bit of snow we had today,with her dad! They are so thankful for the good days!


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