Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2nd round, ready or not here we come!

Lisa, Gail and Gordon headed up to Doernbecher this afternoon to check Lisa in for the next session of chemo. Everything checked fine as far as Lisa's blood counts and the Dr's gave the green light to start chemo at 8:00 tonight. This is the session that goes for 4 days, 2 days off..... 4 days, 2 off, 4 days. As we have mentioned in earlier blogs, the effects of this intensive chemo can be very harsh. Lisa did so well last time, we just ask that you pray for her to tolerate this session with the same strength and peace.

We are all thinking and praying for you, Lisa. Thanks to Gordan's work for giving him the gift of spending the night with Lisa and Gail tonight at the hospital. Thanks to Gail's work; for all you have done for her. So many fund raisers and gifts. Mary and Karen at Epic Aviation made a snugly quilt that people can write on. Thanks to all the family and so many close friends; I know you over whelm the Harders with your generosity. What an awesome gift.


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