Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bye Bye hair!

In the few days since I have updated this Lisa had gone from long hair, to short hair, to NO hair! The side effect of losing her hair was kicking in and Lisa was losing her's in chuncks. They took her to a salon and had her hair cut into a cute bob, but today Lisa decided that she didn't want to watch her hair come out in clumps and just wanted to get it over with. So... She called her brothers, who's heads she had shaved a few weeks ago, and told them to take their turn on her. They came right over and returned the favor! And I must say, Lisa has a beautifully shaped head, not that Dusty and Kyle don't!

Lisa, thankfully, has not picked up a cold or any of the crud that has been going around. She needs to stay healthy to be able to start the next session of chemo on Wed. The other boy, Randy, that they met from West High was not able to have his chemo last week because he had gotten sick, so it is very important that we keep being careful to not come over if we or members of your family are sick, and to call before coming over.



  1. See what I said who needs hair with those eyes! Bev

  2. Grandma matches that cute blanket! So stylish!