Saturday, February 7, 2009


Yep, today Lisa turned 14 years old! Most of the "partying" for Lisa's birthday occurred a week or two ago. First she had a surprise party at Connor's house. Gail and Sheri invited several of Lisa's friends, some relatives and a few neighbors over for a surprise party. Connor got Lisa involved in a game of Monopoly (Lisa was winning) and when we sent him the signal on a text message, he talked her into coming over for a minute, only to find a room full of people shouting "Surprise!"
Mrs. Hughes, her teacher from Walker, also planned a party for Lisa in her class room. Gail and Lisa stopped by the school to"talk about school work" and instead celebrated her Birthday! Way more fun than school work.
As if two parties are not enough,(oh who can have too many parties!) a 3rd surprise party was planned for the family at cousin Jesse's house. I heard Lisa say she was suspicious this time but didn't let her parent know that she had figured it out. (that was nice of you Lisa). There was pizza and huge cupcakes but the best part of the party was that Lisa got to shave Dusty and Kyle's heads! Dusty went first, and that was quick (sorry Dusty) and after much coercing Kyle sat on the stool. Everyone was watching intently because I am not sure if anyone really knew what Kyle looked like under all that hair. But he was a good sport and after about 20 minutes of the clippers catching and pulling Kyle's hair he had a perfect "velvet" head! Way to support your sister guys! There were no other takers that night. Maybe later!

So, with all the festivities behind her, today was more of a laid back birthday. She was feeling pretty good and spent time learning how to use her new birthday present, an I pod Touch.
Last Thur. night the event at Pietro's was amazing. So many people came to support Lisa and her family. They were overwhelmed with your kindness and want to thank the owners of Pietros for doing that for them.
Yesterday the Harders met with another family from West Salem who have a son with the same cancer as Lisa. He is a senior at West and has the cancer in his ankle. He is one week ahead of Lisa in his treatment so the two families had alot to talk about. Lets remember Randy in our prayers too.
Lisa has spent alot of time resting and has some good and not so good moments. We knew this would not be easy, but I have not seen a braver girl when it comes to handling the situation that has been dealt to her. Chemo might kill alot of stuff inside her, but it can't touch her sweet spirit and pretty smile. God is with you Lisa.


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  1. Great Job keeping this blog updated Sheri.Hope
    Lisa had a great birthday.I know its only 1 year till she gets her driving permit!!Watch out we will rename Brush College Road to Lisa and Conners Raceway.Just kidding have a great day.