Monday, March 2, 2009

Lisa was not able to come home on Sunday as they had hoped. In fact she has been having a really hard time up at Deornbecher. The level of Chemo left in her body was too high so she could not be discharged, but she also has been feeling very sick. She has been running a temp. of 100.3, has felt sick to her stomach and has had a headache that even pain meds didn't take away.
Gordon had to leave and go to work on Sun. morning and it was very hard to leave Lisa and Gail when the situation was so hard.
Please remember all of them in your prayers. Hopefully she got some relief last night since I talked with them. The sched. is, that Lisa will start Chemo again on Wed., but that will depend on several things being just right. Even though the chemo is hard on her, they want to stay on sched. because that is what kills the cancer.

Hang in there Lisa!

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  1. Hey
    just wanted to let you all know
    that salem academy praying hard for lisa.
    we all hope she is doing better
    and want her to know that she is a great example
    of a true christian throught thick or thin.
    love you lisa