Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well they did keep Lisa overnight, and she is still up at Doernbecher. Her blood tests came back and the results were not good; her blood count is very low. Lisa has developed sores in her throat and in her ears and it is very painful to swallow. They have her on Morphine but even with that it is hard for her to feel comfortable. She is still fighting a fever and is sick to her stomach. Gail said that she thought Lisa might try to eat some ice cream tonight but they are not sure if she will be able to keep it down. The next session of chemo is supposed to start on Monday, I am not sure if that will change if she is still so sick. So as you can tell Lisa and the family need your prayers, as always, and are thankful for all the support. They want to pray for a miracle for Lisa that when her lungs are tested again they will be cancer free and that the cancer in her joints will be gone. We will pray for this and her total healing. We have hope for Harder.

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  1. Lisa - Although you don't see us much we are keeping you close in our prayers and our hearts. Tonight at the Orchestra concert at West, Ms. Silberman talked about you and I watched the violin case rise with money after the concert. You have touched so many people's lives - I don't think you even realize it. I hope that you feel better quickly, or better yet, that you are completely healed. Which ever one, remember that God is never far from the pit you feel like you have fallen into.