Thursday, March 5, 2009

As far as I know Lisa started Chemo about 6:00 last night. They had a very rough day. As they headed up to the hospital Lisa kept getting sick. As you can imagine that did not get them off to a great start. I understand that that continued on at the hospital. The medication that they give Lisa has some other side effects too and is making her very irritable beside the fact that she is sick and that would make anyone irritable. That makes it more difficult for Gordon and Gail, as they watch their daughter go through this. Just pray that everyone will be able to cope with the hard things that they have to go through. Gail's mom was able to go up and give Gail a break for a little while. She had been sick for quite awhile so was not able to be around Lisa lately, so it is nice that she can be there now.

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