Sunday, March 22, 2009

Being Blessed

After all the blood transfusions and medication changes it seemed that not alot had changed. Lisa had a little of her color back and she she was quieter, but she still was no well enough to go home. They are watching the sores in her mouth and throat very carefully because it they do not heal they can not start the next session of chemo. I guess they do not have to be completely gone, but they have to show signs of healing. Some are at that stage and others are not. Emotions are raw and everyone is tired.
Today the elders and some pastors from Salem Alliance went up to visit the Lisa. They spent 2 hours singing and praying over Lisa. They prayed over the family too to keep up the faith and give them strength. This was such a blessing to everyone. The prayers were heard and Lisa had a great afternoon. She sat up and was even joking around, but the most amazing thing is that she started eating. I got a text that she was eating roast beef, rice and a milkshake. It wasn't more than about 20 minutes later and I got another text that said she was now eating oreo pie! Yum, and it sounds like Lisa is making up for lost time. You go Lisa! We'll keep praying and you keep eating!


  1. You go Lisa...Keep fighting. Keep the HOPE! We love you and are amazed at all the lives you have touched.

  2. Hi Lisa..............we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers every day. You are a sweet, special, and strong young lady. We look forward to getting to know you better!

    Keep the faith and "keep on eating"! :)

    Steve & Karen