Monday, March 23, 2009

Gained 3 lbs. Strangley this is good news!

Lisa, Gail and grandma got to come home today after spending 8 days in the hospital. After the blood transfusion and being prayed over Lisa just kept getting better and today her blood counts were up and she was feeling spunky!
She had a dentist appt. to check out her teeth because she had been having alot of pain on one side. They wondered if it was wisdom teeth or problems with side affects from the chemo. Everything checked out ok for now, so possibly it was from the sores in her throat area.
The sores are cleared up. I guess once Lisa's white blood cell count went up the sores clear pretty quickly. Her count has been at zero. That is so dangerous especially if she catches something, she would have no immunity to fight it.

So when I went next door this evening Lisa was eating ribs, rolls, salad and Now and Laters candy, that turned her teeth blue. (I think she should have gone to the dentist with those blue teeth complaining of pain and seen what the dentist thought then!) Lisa was smiling and talking just like old times. She was telling us how grumpy she had been while she was in the hospital and how the morphine made her angry.
Gail said she was telling the nurses how they needed to changed the parking lot and get more beds for her parents and all kinds of off the wall things.
But she certainly was not grumpy tonight...she was kidding Kyle about eating too much, and making fun of him. That only egged Kyle on and before we knew it they were pushing and tugging on each other. Mom stepped in on that one because Lisa has to be very careful with her shoulder. It must feel so good to feel good!

Lisa will still be fed the liquid calories and vitamins at night through an IV. They were waiting for the nurse to arrive from Portland with the bags to show Gail how to work it. She is off the pain pump and back on pills for pain meds. They do plan on starting chemo again on Wed. so they will only be home for a few days, but that is better than nothing...There is no place like home.


  1. Hi Lisa! This is Hailey Reich. I went to school with you at Brush College Elementary. I am SO SORRY to hear about your cancer. My family have been keeping you and your family in our prayers. If it is Gods will, you will be healed. We serve a wonderful God and we will keep praying. God Bless!
    Hailey R.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    You are continually in our thoughts and prayers. We were so happy to hear that after the elders of church prayed over you. You started to recover from being so sick. Glad you are home and feeling better. We will continue to pray for you. We have a awesome God that does miracles and we pray that you are one of them. Sincerely, And God Bless you. Julie, Amanda and Breanna Starr