Monday, March 30, 2009

Lisa is home and doing pretty good after having chemo last week. They were allowed to come home on Sunday and she only was sick to her stomach a few times. While they were in Deornbecher waiting for the chemo to get out of her system Gail had the biggest urge to just kidnap Lisa and so somewhere... anywhere but there. But instead they asked permission and got a pass to go to Fudruckers and get something to eat.

Lisa also had a MRI and a cat scan to see what was going on with the cancer in her shoulder and her lungs at this point. The results will not be in until Tue. They have an appointment on Tue. to talk with the doctors regrading surgery and treatments. As you can imagine this will be a tough meeting with the doctors because Gordan and Gail will need to make decisions regarding Lisa's treatment. Please pray for them and the doctors. Pray for wisdom and peace and healing.


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