Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let me see if I can keep it straight... she couldn't come home, then she came home but had to go back again, then they let her go home, only to head back up tomorrow (Wed) to start chemo again.
So did you get all that? Basically Lisa had a rough time with this chemo. They thought the pretty much had everything under control on Mon. so they let her go home for a little while before starting the next session, but Lisa just got so sick at home and could not stop vomiting and having the dry heaves. After calling the doctor, they were told to come back because Lisa was dehydrated and they wanted to make sure there was not something else wrong. At the hospital they determined it was probably the drug, Zofran, that she had during the chemo that was still causing her to be sick. They gave her some other meds to counteract that and got her vomiting under control.

Lisa and Gail just returned home a little while ago. Lisa is feeling pretty good and just asked Connor to come next door to see him. That is a good sign. I'll head over there in a few min. too because we have not seen Lisa quite a while. I am suspecting there might be a game of Sorry or Monopoly getting started by the time I get there!! That's always good news when Lisa feels good enough to play games.

So tomorrow they head up to start all over again. At least this is the end of what we called 3 weeks of chemo. I'll update what the next chemo sessions will be when I get that info. Pray that things will go smoothly for everyone. Gordon gets to spend time up with Gail and Lisa at Doernbecher during this next session. That will be nice for all of them.

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