Friday, March 20, 2009

Here is a little more accurate information on Lisa. Michelle, her youth pastor, visited today and gave me this information. Lisa was sitting up and doing better than she had been for the past several days. Her temp. was down just a little more to 99.4. She was working on an art project that she had started earlier. Even though this sounds better, Lisa still is very weak and her blood counts were still very low. She has, however, stopped throwing up constantly and was sipping on a Capri Sun and eating a Popsicle. They switched her off of Morphine and onto a different drug that will give her just as much pain relief. The Morphine was giving her an adverse side effect and this new drug will hopefully correct that. They are giving her 2 units of blood in a transfusion. The first started about 4:00 this afternoon. Each one takes about 4 hours to complete. Like I mentioned before they hope this new blood will help correct her low counts. Pray that her body will react positively to it.
They have also decided to postpone the next session of chemo until Wed. (instead of Mon). Hopefully this will give her body a few more days to build some strength and give Lisa a little break. Gail and her mom did get a break to come back to Salem and get some fresh clothes and re-group before heading back up to Doernbecher. They really do not know how long each stay will be, it all depends on how Lisa is doing.
They had a visit from Randy and his family the other day and enjoyed that. The cancer has given them a real bond. We want them both to know that so many people are praying.

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