Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today was the consultation with the doctors at Doernbecher. There were some very mixed emotions going into this meeting, they would be told how much good the chemo had done and what the plans were for the near future.
They were told that Lisa's arm will be saved during surgery. That had been a real concern to Lisa and her family and it was such a relief that the surgeons will be able to save her arm. They will take tissue from her leg and stomach areas to rebuild her shoulder. It will be a long and extensive surgery, but it will be worth it.
The spots in her lungs are still there, but they have not grown, which is very exciting news. At this point they are going to just watch them as they deal with her shoulder.
All of this was good news for the Harders, and they celebrated at Fudruckers on the way home. They understand that the fight is not over, but God has answered their prayers and Lisa will keep her arm and continue to fight the cancer.

The surgery is scheduled for April 15th at this point. Very soon after the surgery Lisa will continue with the chemo. because that is a very crucial point to fight the cancer. So take a deep breath with the Harders and say a pray because they are entering the next stage of this process.



  1. Christina Zeeb from Salem Alliance Church told us about Lisa's condition and we have been praying for her since we found out. Your consistent updates on Lisa's condition are appreciated, it really helps to know what to be praying about.

    This sounds like it is good news, definitely worth a celebratory meal at Fuddrucker's. We will continue in our prayers for Lisa and her family.

  2. WOOHOO!! We were so glad to hear this news yesterday from Grandma. God is great!!

    Cousin Trav

  3. Great News!!! We will continue to keep you in our prayers.

    Kathy, Vince, and Quentin Engel and Grandma Olson

  4. The Lord is so GOOD! Our prayers were answered for yesterdays meeting and good news...we continue to pray for you as you all continue this journey and upcoming surgery. We send our love to you all! Jim, Chris & Grandma Harder